How To Prevent Urinary Infections

Urinary infections manifest by urticaria in urination, the desire to go to the bath more often than usual, dizziness, nausea and sometimes even a feeling of vomiting. Beside the urination before and after having sex and eating cranberry or redcurrants, there are other ways to prevent urinary infections. In this article you will find out some tips on how to prevent urinary infections.

Urinary infections are no longer sensitive to antibiotic treatments, so many women choose to heal using natural remedies, avoiding the negative side effects of allopathic treatment.

Eat blueberries – Full of antioxidants, blueberries help us to fight against infections of any kind, including urinary tract infections.

Do not keep it – Whenever you feel the need to empty your bladder, do it! The urine stagnates in the bladder making it an environment that is extremely beneficial for bacterial growth.

Do not use absorbents anymore – A permanently moist environment favors the occurrence of urinary tract infections. Try using intravaginal tampons or menstrual cup.

Avoid certain contraceptive methods – Spermicides and diaphragms can cause urinary infection.

Avoid baths with foam – Baths with or without foam can accentuate the unpleasant symptoms of urinary infections. Give up on them in favor of showers.

Drink water! Optimal hydration means a more frequent urination (12 times a day). In this way the bacteria do not remain very long in the body, being eliminated.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods – Green tea, salads, strawberries, salmon and olive oil, besides being very healthy, can reduce the inflammation of the bladder and reduce the chances of an infection.