Personality Test – Pick A Tree And See What It Says About You

It’s interesting to discover new ways to learn more about you and your personality. You may have heard about the tree test, the one that is representing your personality. Chose a painting and read on about its meaning:

  1. You are a generous person that is full of moral integrity. Your personal standards and ambitions are very high. You always try to exceed your expectations and powers. People could think you are rather difficult to talk to, but you are not bothered about this. Your wish is to make the world a better place.
  2. You are a sincere person whose sense of humor is highly developed. You are a responsible person that likes to take care of people around. You believe in a better world and are a very likable person.
  3. You are an intelligent and careful person. You are also very rational and your ideas and thoughts have an important place in your life. You are rather shy but are happy doing what you consider is right.
  4. You have your own philosophical view on life. You are a bit different and special, and very unique. Trusting your own intuition makes you a very interesting person.
  5. You are a person that is sure of themselves, responsible and independent. The principle that rules your life is “I will do it my own way”. You know very well what you want and you are not afraid to follow your dreams. The only thing you as for in return from the world is sincerity.
  6. You are a good and sensible person, very easy to get along with. You have lots of friends that you like to help whenever they need it. You spread lots of positive energy and people feel good around you. You crave affection and love.
  7. You are happy and strong, sensible and understanding. You have the gift of listening to other people and not judging them. You love to think that each person has their own way in life. You love special events and making new friends.
  8. You are enchanting and full of energy. The type of person that likes to make others feel good. You are living in a world full of harmony and are full of enthusiasm and spontaneity.
  9. You are very optimistic and lucky. You think about life as a gift and try to achieve as much as possible. You always see the full half of the glass and live each moment to the fullest.