Parenting tips for moms of boys

The relationship between mother and son has a lot of details that make it particular, and the boundary between a perfect and an imperfect one is very fine. Moms of boys have a special pride that you will not find in girls’ moms.

This doesn’t mean that the mothers of the girls are less proud of their child, but their manifestations are largely different.

Be affectionate. There is a tendency to show less affection for boys than for girls. Mothers believe that manifestation of affection towards their boy, through warm hugs and gestures could undermine the masculinity of their child.

In reality, the boys need the same evidence of affection that the girls need and not only when they are very young. A warm relationship between mother and son teaches him what affection is and gives him self-confidence. As the child grows, the boys may manifest their need for independence more intensely, but that doesn’t mean that the mother’s tender hugs and gestures must disappear.

Teach him respect and kindness. If your boy doesn’t learn from his mother kindness and what it means to respect others, will never be able to understand the value of these feelings. Respect doesn’t mean just a polite attitude, as kindness doesn’t mean just helping someone.

Teach him to show his emotions. Parents think it is normal for a girl to cry, but with a certain restraint look at a boy’s emotions and tears. In fact, it is also good and necessary for a boy (future man) to show his emotions and feelings. Emotions are what make us people. From the idea that boys have to hide their emotions, we have come to believe that playing with boys with puppets is unhealthy and gestures of affection between mother and boy are not necessary.

The great art of boys’ mothers is to be consistent in attitude and manifestation towards their child. Teach him to do it alone. Not only the girls have to learn from their mothers what the administrative tasks in a house are and the principles of organization. The same skills must be acquired by your son. It is no shame, even if he will make food with you, or if he will help you with washing and cleaning.

Give maximum importance to school education. Boys have a different evolution than girls. The boys doesn’t grow up slowly, the reality is that they simply have other growing mechanisms. As a result, they need intense supervision and an honest assessment of how they evolve. Communicate constantly with your son’s teachers and help him when he needs it.

Tips for moms of boys