Best Remedy To Get Rid Of Back Pain In 3 Hours

This homemade remedy treats arthritis, back pain and everything in associated with joints, muscles and bones pain. Every time when conventional medicine doesn’t help you, it’s time to use traditional medicine. Ask your grandparents to give you advices about any health problem you have and I can assure you that old miracles will work for sure.

If you feel your feet heavy, you have joints and back pain, or you have problems with an old injury, from now on you don’t have to spend your money on expensive creams, bring some cheap ingredients that for sure you have them in your house, and prepare a homemade healing cream.

The ingredients you need to prepare the healing cream for back pain: 

  • honey
  • mustard
  • salt
  • baking soda

Use a spoon of every ingredient. Combine all the ingredients and mix them well, until you obtain a homogenous and beautiful paste. Pour the mixture in a recipient and keep it in the fridge.


Before to apply the mixture, heat it, then apply the remedy directly on the sore area. Cover the affected area with a plastic bag. Over the plastic bag, wrap your body with a thick towel and let the cream to action for 3 hours.

The most indicated is to apply the treatment before to go to bed, especially if you have joints pain. During the night, joints are not used. In the morning after you remove the towel and plastic bag, wash the area with warm water.

For the best results, you have to repeat the procedure 2-3 days in a row, even you will notice great improvements after first application.

You can repeat this repeat this treatment whenever needed. This treatment don’t have contraindications, because contains only natural ingredients. The above quantities are enough for a 2-3 days treatment.

Best Remedy To Get Rid Of Back Pain In 3 Hours

What Happen If You Put Garlic Under Your Pillow

It can easily be affirmed that garlic is one of the most healthier aliments on the planet. It is rich in nutrients that can offer a wide range of benefits for our health. Due this reason, should be consumed every day. This powerful ingredient can be used to prevent and to cure different health problems like: liver diseases, hair loss, cleaning the blood, relief flu symptoms, helping in diseases of respiratory tract.

Did you know that Egyptians chew fresh garlic for its antibiotic proprieties, while they build the pyramids? The most powerful compound that you can find in it is allicin, but is lose by cooking. That’s why is recommended to smash the garlic, to let it 15 minutes and then to eat it. In this article you will find out the reason you should put garlic under your pillow. You will discover a new way of how to use this ingredient

Why you should put garlic under your pillow? 

Maybe you heard that some people use to put garlic under their pillow, before to go to bed – to improve their sleeping. Other people use to wear a clove of garlic in their pocket for luck. Around the around, people clean the dishes with garlic in order to remove the bad spirits that can contaminate the food.

So, the reason you should put garlic under your pillow is because will help you to have a better sleeping by eliminating the negative energies around you.

What Happen If You Put Garlic Under Your Pillow

The Reason You Should Put Fresh Potato On Armpits

Armpits is a sensitive area and many women have problems with it, so you should give more attention when taking care of this area. Armpits is a source of unpleasant odour and using antiperspirants can irritate this area. Some deodorant can even cause dark armpits, the apparition of blackheads or hairs under the skin.

Regarding the pigmentation of armpits, doesn’t exist cosmetic treatments or laser treatments that can solve this problem, so the only solution is to use natural remedies. Fortunately, there is an incredible solution that action very fast and effective.

Grated fresh potato is an excellent remedies in eliminating the brown spots, because contains enzymes that whitening the skin and give the normal pigmentation to the skin. In addition is a natural and cheap ingredient!

Although seems a regular vegetable, not very rich in nutrients, this is not true at all! Potato contains a big quantity of vitamin C, the main stimulator of collagen production. Collagen is an essential substance for the skin; gives it firmness, elasticity, and protects it against premature ageing and harmful environmental factors.

In addition, potato contains a series of special proteins that stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, accelerating the healing of superficial wounds. And that’s not all: the list of nutrients include iron and zinc and that help to stretch the wrinkles.

Now you have the perfect solution to white your armpits, so there is no need to use different cosmetic creams or lotions with no results. Just one fresh potato and you will forget about this problem!

How to use the potato: 

  • peel a potato, grate it and rub your armpits with the grated potato
  • repeat daily this procedure until you depigmentation
  • you can potentiate the effect of the potato by adding lemon juice
  • if you don;t have enough time to grate the potato, you can simply slice it and rub your armpits with a slice of potato
  • beside the whitening effect, the unpleasant odour will disappear

The Reason You Should Put Fresh Potato On Armpits

Put Lemon In Refrigerator And Will Change Your Life

It is well known the great benefits of lemon for our health and beauty. You can use lemon in many natural remedies, both for your beauty or health. But refrigerated lemons have much more proprieties than you ever imagined! If you put a lemon in refrigerator, their proprieties change an have an effect with 10.000 more effective than usual.

New research give to citric fruits another importance in relation to prevent breast cancer. More and more researchers sustain that we have to use the hole fruit, with the peel too, not for the taste, but for its proprieties.

According to studies, lemon’s peel contains from 5 to 10 more vitamin than the juice. The peel helps to eliminate the toxins from the body. It was demonstrated that lemon has an increased efficiency to reduce the present cancer cells from the body. Medics estimate that this method is 10.000 times more efficient than classic chemotherapy.

The effective is more intensive when you add baking soda. All you have to do is to buy some lemons, to wash them very very well and to put them at the refrigerator. After lemons freeze, grate them or chop them in very small pieces, without taking off the peel. After the result thaws, use the lemon as much as you can in your alimentation. You can put it in salads, ice cream, cereals, soups, spaghetti etc. Do not expect will be struggle. Lemon will add a very good flavour to your food.

Lemons are beneficial in treating cysts, tumors and internal parasites. It also regulates blood pressure, helps to cure depression, combat stress and nervous disorders.
One of the best global drugmakers testified that the freezing process can turn on the lemons citrus properties to fight cancer and inflammatory diseases.
More than 20 laboratory tests conducted since 1970 confirms the effectiveness of this remedy.

Put Lemon In Refrigerator And Will Change Your Life

Ways To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

We are women and we always want to look beautiful but sometimes we cannot afford to make the changes we want regarding our body. False eyelashes are often very expensive and you have to go to the beauty salon regularly for maintenance. Besides the fact that this means for you to have free time it is also an extra cost. False eyelashes are glued with special glue and even if this glue is professional you can still get some allergies from it. Mascara is also not very good for our eyelashes because this can be a good environment for bacteria growth.

I want to show you, girls that there are some natural remedies that will help you lengthen your eyelashes naturally. You just have to take care constantly of your eyelashes.

Brush your eyelashes daily – buy a brush with soft and frequent bristle for eyelashes with pork natural hair and brush your eyelashes daily for 5 minutes for growth stimulation.

Special vitamins – supplements for hair, skin and nails are good not only for hair growth but can also be good for your eyelashes.

Vaseline – the Vaseline you use to hydrate your skin is also good for your eyelashes. You can apply it in your eyelashes by using a plastic brush with hard bristle. They have to be hydrated for them to have power to grow.

Oils – coconut oil hydrates and feeds your eyelashes. You have to apply this oil every night for a month using a clean mascara brush or a cotton weal. Ricin and olive oil are also good for your eyelashes and have to be applied every night for a month as well.

I advise you to try first these natural remedies for lengthen eyelashes and after that to try false eyelashes if you are not very satisfied of the results. I only can assure you that I noticed how my eyelashes got longer and stronger.

Ways To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

Natural Remedies for Bloating

To be bloated is not the sexiest thing for women, not to mention that your abdomen won’t be plat anymore if your body is full of gas. You will not only feel fat because of the bloating but you will also look like you gained several kilograms. In order for you not to feel constantly like this, you have to avoid the ingredients that make you feel bad and create a discomfort in your body.

Here are some tricks for you that will help you treat or prevent bloating:

  1. Aliments that contain potassium – potassium is very good in adjusting the level of fluids from your body to prevent bloating. The aliments that are good to be consumed are bananas, mango, spinach, tomatoes, nuts and asparagus. Asparagus is also diuretic.
  2. Mouth close – you cannot notice but you swallow air every time you chew gum, drink with the straw, smoke and talk while eating. This air gives bloating.
  3. Don’t eat carbs in the night – avoid as much as you can to eat processed carbs as white bread and pasta, especially in the night. Carbs contribute to liquid retention.
  4. Stay away from gas drinks – the gas that these drinks contain will bloat you for the next hours.
  5. Don’t count on sweeteners – Many people cannot process easy the artificial sweeteners and they become having problems with bloating.
  6. Get ready for premenstrual symptoms – don’t forget to take enough calcium and magnesium before the menstrual period to avoid bloating.
  7. Apply pressure – for you to take out the gases, make yourself an abdominal massage. Press with your fingers near the right balance, climb on the ribs and then go in the opposite direction and get down, with a circular motion.
  8. Eat dill – add fresh dill to every meal
  9. Take probiotics – probiotics help you get rid of bloating. Many women who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (abdominal pains, bloating, constipation and diarrhea) saw an improvement after they took probiotic B for 4 weeks.
  10. Do exercises – fight against this affection by walking every day for 15-20 minutes, this way the food will move along the digestive tract.

Natural Remedies for Bloating

Natural Remedy for Better Hearing

Deafness is a very hard disease not only for the person who suffers from it but also for his friends and family. You cannot hear if somebody is screaming at you to warn you of a possible danger. It is difficult to leave in a world without sounds also because you cannot hear the voice of your beloved. How can you recognize the person who is talking with you if you cannot see his face? It’s hard to suffer from deafness and sometimes there is no solution to fix this problem if you were born deaf. But when you are getting older or had a problem with your ears and notice that your hearing is not so good anymore, then you can do something to avoid deafness. Medicine has evolved a lot but some of the medical treatments for hearing are very expensive. So, why not to use natural remedies for better hearing that will only do good for you?

Hearing can become clogged during flu. In this case it is better for you to use some natural remedies that will remove the inflammation from your ear and will heal the temporary loss of hearing. Sometimes hearing can be worst because we ignore some simple personal hygienic rules. We have to clean the ear wax from our ears which is dangerous for hearing. It is very important to take care as much as possible of your ears.

Here are some natural remedies that will help you maintain a good hearing.

Honey and cinnamon

Mix some honey with cinnamon in equal proportions. Use this mixture daily (3 tablespoon per day are enough). This remedy will improve your hearing and will stimulate your body to fight against harmful bacteria.

Red wine and green tea

Both these drinks contain a large amount of antioxidants that protect the hairs inside the ear. The hairs function is very important due to the fact that they are like a barrier for the bacteria that can cause hearing loss. Drink more often green tea and sometimes drink also red wine.


For better hearing, smash few cloves of garlic and mix them with olive oil. Then filter the oil through a gauze. Put 3-4 drops of this solution twice a day. After the procedure, put in your ear a cotton wool.

Juice from red onion and garlic

Mix 30 ml of red onion juice and 30 mil of garlic juice. You should drink this solution several times a day. Your hearing will be better and your ears won’t be inflamed again and all due to antibacterial properties of the drink.

It is also very useful to massage the ears area where you will have a discomfort. Massage the ear, the ear lobe and the area behind the ear. This procedure helps the hearing to return after hearing loud music or sounds too sharp.

Natural Remedy for Better Hearing


2 Powerful Ingredients That Clean Your Body From Too Much Fat

Even if we do lots of exercises, it is very difficult to get rid of the fat that we have in our body. Exercises are not enough and diet are not enough also. Fat is not only underneath our skin but also in our organs and this is a fact that must concern you. There are some powerful ingredients that help you get rid of the intestinal parasites and will help you lose some weight. If you hunger for sweets a reason may be that you have some intestinal parasites. By consuming sweet aliments you just create the perfect environment for mucus accumulation which is perfect for fungus and bacteria.

You need only two ingredients to get rid of these intestinal parasites – cloves (10 grams) and linseed (100 grams). Crush these ingredients until you obtain a powder. Take two tablespoon of this mixture every morning for 3 days. You can also drink the mixture with some warm water or to add it to your breakfast. After the 3 days, take a break of 3 days then start again. Use this detox diet for approximately one month.

In order to get rid of the body fat, you can also drink a green smoothie that will burn your fat. This treatment is very efficient but you shouldn’t make alimentary excesses. Drink the smoothie made from 400 grams of celery with 1 kilo lemons three times a day. Scratch the celery then put it in a bowl with 2 liters of water and let it on heat for 20 minutes. Let it cool for those minutes. Sneaks the composition and squeeze the juice from the lemons. Add the lemon juice to the composition then store the drink in a jar. Drink 100 ml of this drink three times a day, before principal meals and you will notice the great results in only one week.

2 Powerful Ingredients That Clean Your Body From Too Much Fat

Easy Ways to Get A Flat Stomach In A Week

Belly fat is a real problem for most of the women because it is difficult to get rid of the belly fast, not to mention that it is very hard for us to make abdominal exercises and sometimes these exercises can harm our spine. It is very good for you to have your own diet and to do daily exercise that keep your body and health in a good shape, but we are talking here about a process that is longer and will show you the amazing results in couple of months of training and diet.

What to do if you have an important event in short time and you noticed that lately you have gained some weight? You cannot buy another dress that maybe will suit you because you already bought the dress you wanted. Now you just have to figure out how to fit in it. Not to mention that summer is around the corner and you have to look great before going to the beach. Lucky for you, I have the right natural method for you to obtain a flat abdomen in only 7 days. You just have to follow only some simple steps.

First, get rid of the toxic aliments that encourage your body to deposit fat, including alcohol, sugar and processed food. There are six simple rules for you:

  1. Get rid of salt

If until now you consumed only food that was salty, you have to stop doing this. When you consume salty aliments you retain much water in your body which gives you a fluffy aspect, a bad mood and you also gain some weight.

Avoid salt, condiments that contain salt and processed food. You should consume natural aliments and lots of fruits and vegetables. You will look and feel younger.

  1. Get rid of the carbs

Stay away from pasta and pretzels. When you stop eating carbs, your body will be forced to consume from its own resources. The excess fat will be burn and you will also eliminate the fluids that are bad for your body.

  1. Eat only certain categories of fruits

There are some categories of fruits that are very good for your body like raspberries, blackberries, grapes, citric because they contain a balanced amount of fructose and glucose which means they are easy to digest.

  1. Stop using condiments

If you like your food to be spicy, it is about time for you to stop using these condiments on your food. Garlic in also not good for your stomach. Instead of these use mint, rosemary or tarragon. You can also use curry powder and lemon juice for fish and chicken.

  1. Get rid of the alcohol

Alcohol is responsible for dehydration and could also make the fat burn process slow.

  1. Do daily exercises

Physical easy exercises combat gas production. Through physical effort you stimulate your heart beat and breathe, which encourages intestinal muscle contractions. A short walk in the park after every meal will make miracles for your body.

You don’t have to give up of everything you like to have a flat abdomen, you just have to follow these simple steps and you will notice in 7 days the difference.

Easy Ways to Get A Flat Stomach In A Week

Homemade Detox Footpads

When we are young many of us don’t care that much about their body and we don’t feel the need to protect it and to maintain it healthy and in a good shape. We always complain that we are getting older, feeling tired, don’t have that much energy, but we don’t do something in particular to change and to improve our living.

We should be able to do every day exercises, to eat healthy food, to detox our body, to not stress ourselves but we always come with an excuse for not doing these things. If we cannot do these things that will improve fur sure our life, then at least we should try to liberate our body from the toxins it has inside. Many of the aliments we consume daily have lots of toxins in it and our body and liver are like a trash can for all these toxins and exactly like the trash can, our body needs to be cleaned up and detoxified.

And what can be easier for us than detoxifying our body during the night when we sleep?! This procedure won’t affect our regular schedule at all. We just need only few minutes before bed time to prepare a solution that will detox our body in a miraculous way.

I discovered how to make at home some detox footpads and I want to share with you this recipe. This natural detox remedy is used for decades by Chinese and Japanese people. We should try to detox our body from bottom to top because all the toxins are dragged into our feet and our feet are like the “second heart”, as the oriental medicine believes.

In order for you to prepare these pads at home you will need onion and garlic, water, gauze, a knife, a kettle and some cotton stocks. Chop the onion and garlic in small pieces. Put water in the kettle and let it boil. When it’s boiling add the chopped onion and garlic and leave it there for 10 minutes. Let the solution cool for 20 minutes, then apply it on a gauze and put it on your feet right in the middle and wrap the leg with a piece of dry gauze. You should leave the pads to act the whole night. For a better support wear cotton socks. The pads will be darker in the morning because they absorbed the toxins and impurities of your body.

Homemade Detox Footpads

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