Find Out The Disease Depending On What Stomach Area Is The Pain

Fast and efficient decoding of the abdominal pain consists in exact location of the area where the pain comes. There are several reasons why you feel pain in the abdominal area and. While some of them are inoffensive, other are very serious and you can put your health at risk.
In order to better understand the possible consequences of abdominal pain, the first thing to do is to locate the exact area where you feel pain.

If abdominal pain lasts longer than two weeks, regardless the part of the abdomen, you need to see a doctor to get rid of the pain and to find out a more specific diagnosis. Other reasons to consult your doctor are persistent vomiting and bloating or existence of the blood when you go to the toilet.
According to MedlinePlus, abdominal pain is the pain felt anywhere from the groin and chest. Since abdomen occupy a larger area of the body, it is important to determine the exact location of the pain to easily detect the reason.
1. gastric ulcer, gallstones, pancreatitis.
2. gastric acid, stomach ulcer, pancreatitis, poor digestion, gallstones, epigastric hernia.
3. duodenal ulcer, stomach ulcer, pancreatitis, biliary obstruction.
4. inflammation of the urethra, kidney stones, constipation, lumbar hernia.
5. appendix inflammation, pancreatitis, inflammation of the large intestine, stomach ulcer, inflammation of the small intestine, umbilical hernia, regional enteritis.
6. diverticular disease, kidney stones, inflammation of the bowel, constipation.
7. constipation, appendicitis, hernia inghinala- groin pain, gynecological disorders (endometriosis and others)
8. Appendicitis, inflammation of the urethra, inflammation of the bowel, diverticulitis, gynecological disorders.
9. inguinal hernia, gynecological disorders, diverticular disease.

Less serious disorders
There are various causes of abdominal pain less severe. The most serious causes of abdominal pain are intolerance to certain foods; constipation due to poor physical activity and poor diet; food poisoning; virus stomach / intestine and gastritis due to excess production of stomach acid.

Find Out The Disease Depending On What Stomach Area Is The Pain

2 Powerful Ingredients That Clean Up Your Body From Parasites

Probably most of you have these two ingredients right in your kitchens. The results given by the combination of these 2 ingredients will surprise you! The fat just melts and parasites will leave your body. We all know how dangerous is to have parasites in your body and we had them at least once in our lifetime.

In the body there are two deposits vitality – glycogen and protein (muscle). The way the body use them can change the way body consume fats. So when you craving for something sweet once in a while it is okay to satisfy your need.

However, if cravings are repeated frequently and do not stop, even if you eat something sweet, it might indicate that your stress level is high, or that you have intestinal parasites.

When a person consumes a considerable amounts of sweets, the body becomes a perfect environment for the spread of parasites. Fungi and bacteria multiplication occurs due to this acid environment. Frequent cravings are the result of the action of these unwanted organisms in our body.

The remedy for removing fat deposits and parasites


  • 100 grams of flaxseed
  • 10 grams of dried cloves


Put the two ingredients in a grinder in order to turn the mixture into a powder. Eat 2 tablespoons of it for 3 days, without a break. You can put the powder in a glass of water, or you can use as a dressing for breakfast.

It is recommended that treatment to be followed for three days in a row, then take a break for 3 days, and so on. Results are visible after a month.

In addition, make sure to consume the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, considering that many of them are the source of energy. The proper amount will provide you the needed vitality and desire to do activities and exercises.

2 Powerful Ingredients That Clean Up Your Body From Parasites

Meaning Of The Moles On Your Face

According to Chinese Almanac Tung Shu, the moles on the face have a meaning.

Compare your face with the diagram below and find out what number corresponds to your moles. The area where is situated a mole, hides a message.

Positions 1-3 : During your children, you are rebellious, free spirit. You are creative and work very well if you have a free hand. You are better in the position of an entrepreneur than employee.
Position 4 : Are you an impulsive person with an explosive personality. You tend to be quarrelsome, but do not hold animosity. If you remove your mole, you will become a calmer person after that.
Position 5 : You enjoy prosperity in this life, but you work hard to obtain it. Be careful whom you tell about your income, because many people are envious. Be careful and those that promise substantial revenue in short time. Follow your instincts and do not trust in anyone. Do not let anyone to manage your finances.
Position 6 : You are a creative person with artistic inclinations. Following this way you can have fame and success. Listen to your heart and choose other ways than the conventional ones. Success comes only if you’re brave enough.
Position 7 : The extended family can bring you trouble and make you suffer. Clear up any disputes you have with your family members and move on if you want to have a clear mind.
Position 8 : The financial situation will always be questioned because you tend to spend more than you can afford. Are you tempted by gambling where you can lose small fortunes. Also, you like to flirt with the opposite sex and have sexual behavior that  could you bring trouble.
Position 9 : It is recommended to get rid of mole because it can bring a lot of problems to your sexuality.
Position 10 : You’re a lucky person. You like large families, so you have many children and grandchildren. The beloved ones will bring you both material and emotional satisfaction.
Position 11 : You tend to be sickly. It is a good idea to remove the mole, especially if it is large and dark.
Position 12 : Are you a balanced person. You will not be rich, but you will live a full life, a beautiful home with a loving family. Women with a mole are very lucky in this position.
Position 13 : The relationship with the children is not encouraging. Not much to do, but to learn the lesson of tolerance.
Position 14 : You are vulnerable to food and you can face many allergies. Or maybe you’re gourmand and that brings you trouble.
Position 15 : You’re always moving, always renovate and redecorate. You like new things and you are not very happy if you stay too long in one place. You like traveling and you are a keen observer.
Position 16 : It is recommended to be careful what you eat, but also to your love life . These are two major problems in your life. You tend to take more weight, which leads you to depression, but also to get involved in relationships with many people, which will stress at the maximum.
Position 17 : You are a sociable person and you are a good communicator. You tend to be stubborn, which you will not create a very good reputation. When others do not see you as you want, you can lower your self-esteem.
Position 18 : You’re always on the move and traveling. Be careful when crossing waters.
Position 19 : You’re lucky with money and good friends. It is not advisable to remove the mole, even if it makes you fall in love very quickly with opposite sex. Be cautious if you don’t want to have problems in love.
Position 20 : You are either very lucky or very unlucky. Your life characterised by extremes. You’re smart and talented, but you do not always use this advantages. You will remain in history as either a big heart, whether as a tyrant.
Position 21 : It is a good mole which means fame and recognition.
Position 22 : You can become a superstar in sports field. You’re a strong and authoritative, so you can be as good and the boss of a company.
Position 23 : You’re an intelligent person with a highly developed spirit of survival. Are you active until old age and you have all the time with friends and family.
Position 24 : You have fame and success from an early age. It is recommended to save some luck because will not during the whole life
Position 25 : You have good luck and you enjoy prosperity, but it is recommended to pay attention to excesses.

Meaning Of The Moles On Your Face

Aliments That Stimulate And Increase Stress

Usually we blame the job for our problems at home, the busy schedule and lack of time, for stressful moments. But did you know that some foods can cause stress?

On some of them you can avoid, but others you can hardly resist to not consume them. But if you want to give your body foods that provide nutrients that are easily digested, that on short, who does not put it to an additional stress, here’s what you should avoid or at least not consume excessively.

You can find it in tea, coffee, chocolate, cola drinks that we drink when we need more energy. And we get more energy. But in the same time caffeine causes production of adrenaline, which can lead to increased stress levels. On long-term, excessive consumption of caffeine has the same effect as prolonged stress.

We can hardly resist, because some of them are absolutely delicious. Beyond the irresistible taste, sweets contain no essential nutrients. Sugar content provide a surge of energy, but which can lead to fatigue adrenal glands. And if this happens, it can cause irritability and poor concentration.

Spicy foods
The spices provide a special flavor to food, but can not be tolerated by everyone because they contain volatile oils that can irritate the stomach lining. This category includes cloves, anise, cumin, curry, cayenne pepper and poppy seeds.

Salty foods
If you are among those who like salty food, maybe it’s time to reduce the amount of salt. This increases blood pressure, exhausts the adrenal glands and induce emotional instability. Avoid foods with a high salt content, such as ham, pickles or sausages.

Red meat
Avoid the excess consumption of red meat. It has a high protein content, increasing the concentration of dopamine, a substance associated with anxiety and stress.

Paradoxically, many people turn to alcohol to overcome stressful moments, but the combination of alcohol and stress can be very dangerous. Excess alcohol increases fat deposits in the heart and weakens the immune function. Also, alcohol decreases the liver’s ability to remove toxins from the body. And under stress conditions, the organism produces a number of toxins.

Aliments That Stimulate And Increase Stress

The Most Effective Remedy For Swollen Feet

Swollen feet are a very common problem and also very unpleasant. Accumulating a larger volume of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues is causing swelling in the legs. Cases may be heat, blood vessels diseases, kidney disease, pregnancy, heart failure, hormonal disorders.

Swollen feet are characterized by fluid accumulation in the legs. The collection of excess fluid anywhere in the body is known as the swelling. The whole leg or part of it may be higher than normal. Swelling of the feet can be painless or accompanied by a variety of symptoms including bruising, pruritus (itching), pain, numbness, erythema (redness), tenderness or stiffness.

Other symptoms that can accompany swollen feet include:
• Bleeding or bruising;
• Burning sensation;
• Difficulty moving the foot, ankle or toes;
• Difficulty walking or standing;
• Pruritus (itching);
• Formations or nodules;
• Numbness;
• Pain or tenderness;
• Erythema (redness) or heat;
• Stiffness;
• Tingling or other abnormal sensations.

Do not ignore these symptoms and contact your doctor immediately to determine the causes of swollen feet.

Natural medicine has many remedies against this problem, but probably the most effective of them is the infusion of parsley that slowly but effectively removes excess fluid from the body.

You need fresh parsley and its root, the whole plant. Wash it and chop it with the blender or food processor. Put the mixture in thermos and pour 500 ml of hot water. Leave it to infuse all night. Morning strain and drain the infusion. This amount of liquid is calculated for one day, to be consumed in 3 rounds.
Drink the infusion for 2 consecutive days, then take a break for 3 days. Then again drink infusion for 2 days. The next day you will see how your feet deflates feet and you will wear any shoes you prefer!

The Most Effective Remedy For Swollen Feet

How To Prepare The Best Natural Laxative

In this article you will find out how to prepare the best natural laxative. This remedy that I will present you is called “The jam hospital” because it was tested on a group of patients who was suffering from a severe form of constipation. It is very effective, perfectly natural and easy to prepare!

Constipation may be caused by sedentary lifestyle, stress, old age, medical treatments, administration of certain vitamins, the small amount of dietary fiber, but also can occur as a symptom of other diseases that require treatment.

The best way to address to this problem is to prepare this natural treatment and to use it.

You need:

• dates 150g (1 cup)

• plum 150g (1 cup)

• 1.5 cups of boiled water (or less for a thicker consistency)


1. Cut into small pieces the dates and prunes, then boil them in water until mixture begins to thicken and decreases.

2.The obtained quantity is for about 20 portions, 1 tablespoon each. Jam can be consumed by people of all ages.

3. You can eat jam like it is, or you can spread it on bread, mixed with yogurt or cereal and milk.

Eat 1 tablespoon of this natural remedy every day.

Plums are very nutritious, high in fiber and have a laxative effect. For this reason, they are prescribed for a long time in cases of constipation. Laxative properties are primarily due sorbitol. Sorbitol is a alcohol type of sugar that can be consumed by diabetics without any problems, because do not influence insulin secretion. Plums are digested very slowly and most often end up half undigested in the colon, which softens the stool consistency.

Dates are considered to be among the healthiest fruits in the world. A rich source of natural fiber essential in adjustment the frequency when you go to the toilet. Regular consumption of dates may even prevent some diseases and conditions such as anemia, hypercholesterolemia and cancer.

How To Prepare The Best Natural Laxative

Dissolve Kidney Stones With This Natural Remedy

Most often, the causes of apparition of kidney stones are the bad quality of drinking water and inadequate nutrition. Characteristic symptoms are severe pain manifested on bilateral segment between ribs and hips, followed by severe pain in the lower abdomen.

Most of the people who suffer of kidney stones have common symptoms such as stomach pain followed by tingling in the right side of the body below the costal arch, nausea, bitter taste in the mouth and headache. Symptoms generally occur after eating, especially after the consumption of fatty foods.

In this article you will find out the recipe of the most effective natural remedy against kidney stones:

You need:

  • 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • 100 grams of lemon
  • 100 grams of minced parsley root
  • 100 g of honey


1. Wash very well the lemons with water and vinegar, then cut it into small cubes and pass it well through food processor.

2. Peel the parsley root, cut it into small pieces and pass it well through food processor.

3. Mix all ingredients and add honey and olive oil.

4. Mix well all the ingredients until you obtain homogeneous mixture.

How to consume this natural remedy: It is recommended to consume daily one tablespoon of this mixture, in morning and evening, on an empty stomach and at bedtime. The preparation is perishable, so it must be kept in refrigerator in a glass container that is closed. But try as much as possible to consume this remedy fresh, so prepare it in small quantities and more often.

The remedy is designed and tested to dissolve kidney stones. It has a very pleasant aroma and is useful in maintaining optimal health. Follow this natural treatment and you will notice that in less than 1 month you will see considerable results and you will feel better!

Dissolve Kidney Stones With This Natural Remedy

Amazing Natural Mask For Decayed Teeth

Everybody desire to have a beautiful smile, but a beautiful smile means beautiful teeth. Unfortunately decayed teeth are the most common problem that affecting teeth. This process of destruction of enamel is often accompanied by pain.

Many people have a fear to go to see a dentist and they decide to visit the dentist only when they cannot bear the pain anymore. Another reason why people doesn’t visit the dentist is that is very expensive to treat their teeth. I know is unpleasant to have problems with your teeth, so if you don’t want to see the dentist too often, you should start of taking care of your teeth in a natural way: by alimentation, hygiene and natural remedies.Today, I propose you an extraordinary remedy that will help you to prevent and reverse the spread of this unpleasant teeth disease. But do not think that using only this remedy you will forever get rid of dental problems.

In order to have the desired effect, you should change your diet. It is recommended to drink/eat more milk, vegetables, nuts, eggs, seafood. Only with a proper diet you can have healthy and resistant teeth. In conclusion, the next recipe will help you to treat decayed teeth only if you have a proper hygiene and a proper alimentation.

You need

  • 1/4 teaspoon of natural coconut oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 2 drops of essential oil of cloves
  • 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt

Method of preparation
1. Mix all ingredients until you obtain a smooth mixture, then place the a little mixture on your toothbrush and wash your teeth.
2. Do not rinse immediately the teeth, leave the mixture to act for 2-3 minutes. Then wash your teeth with toothpaste as usual.
You have to know that this remedy is a long term remedy and you will see the results only of you use it constantly, 2 times a day. In this way you will escape easily from dental health problems.

Amazing Natural Mask For Decayed Teeth

The Reason You Should Put Lemon Juice Into The Water You Boil Eggs

How many times did you boiled the eggs too much and the peel cracked? Or now many times you didn’t boiled them enough? If you are a boiled eggs lover, in this article you will find out how to boil the perfect egg. I like very much to eat boiled eggs at breakfast, because is very fast to prepare them, very healthy and delicious and this trick really helped me. Is true that is fast to prepare the eggs but fast doesn’t mean easy too. I’m happy that I discovered the easiest and best way of boiling eggs and I hope will help you too.

Lemon have a lot of uses and benefits, starting from health, beauty an cleaning. Besides that, helps to detoxify the body and weight control, lemons have a number of less well-known uses, for example in cooking. One of the uses of lemon juice is the correct boiling eggs. In this article you will find out the reason you should put lemon juice into the water you boil eggs.  I know it sound strange, but you will see that is actually very helpful.

Lemon juice is the secret behind some very well boiled eggs, who remain with the shell intact, even if were kept at high temperatures more time that needed. All you have to do is to put lemon juice on the raw eggs before you boil them. You’ll notice how their skin will not crack when boiling.
Also, lemon juice helps to peel easier the boiled eggs. In this case, you need to pour a teaspoon of lemon juice into the water in which you boil eggs.

The Reason You Should Put Lemon Juice Into The Water You Boil Eggs

How To Prepare The Most Powerful Natural Medicament

Beetroot compote is a traditional Russian recipe extremely effective and useful in the treatment of many diseases. It contains many ingredients that activate and revitalize the liver, kidneys and intestines. This recipe is obtained by simple fermentation.

The results of medical research shows that regular consumption of canned beetroot prevents the development of malignant tumors, due to the improved action of the liver and makes possible to cleanse the body of toxins and other “waste”.
Beetroot,  is also the ideal treatment for flu.
Russian traditional medicine consider beetroot compote as the best non-medical drug for hypertension because it normalizes blood pressure for a long period of time. Also, is extremely useful in the treatment of atherosclerosis.
The method of preparation is very simple. You need:
– 1 3-liter glass jar
– 700 grams of peeled beetroot
– 2 tablespoons or flour
– 200 grams of sugar (sugar can be replaced with honey, the same amount)
– 100 grams of raisins

How To Prepare The Most Powerful Natural Medicament

Peel the beetroot and wash it. Cut it into cubes, not very large, and place them in the jar. Then add raisins, 2 tablespoons of flour and sugar or honey.
Fill the jar with boiled and cooled water. Stir well the content of the jar. Cover the jar with gauze, so the composition can breathe. Leave it  at room temperature for 6-7 days. During these days you need to mix the content 2-3 times per day, and if it’s necessary, remove the foam.
After the seven days, shake well then strain the mixture through cheesecloth and you will get beetroot compote. Eat 3-4 tablespoons three times daily before meals.
In 20 days you will have a clean liver and prepared to fight against toxins. Take a break for three months and repeat the treatment to maintain it healthy and free from toxic deposits. The compote can be conserved in the refrigerator.
This method is applied nowadays by doctors in some hospitals in Russia, because has excellent results, not only for cleaning the liver, but also for the whole body, being an execlent treatment of hypertension and atherosclerosis.
Beetroot prevents tumor growth and fights against anemia
After a few days of consumption, the blood pressure stabilizes. If you recommend this natural medicament to your friends, you must warn them that when you start cleaning the body, is possible to move the small kidney stones, as this has influence on kidneys.
This compote is not recommended for those with kidney diseases, those with gastrointestinal problems, those who suffer from gout and those who have low blood pressure.

How To Prepare The Most Powerful Natural Medicament