One Simple Way to Check Your Health in One Minute

We know, seeing a doctor to and monitoring our health condition is time and money consuming, so most of us just ignore disease symptoms until it’s too late. But what would happen if we told you major diseases can be caught on quite early and then, seeing a doctor would cut down expenses and troubles in the long-term?

There is one easy way you could perform a total body checkup without leaving your home. Your tongue holds the secret to your health, so paying attention to it could spare you a lot of headaches. What you need to do is rather simple.

Just take a spoon and scrape it over the entire surface of the tongue, capturing saliva.

Next step is putting it in a plastic bag and placing under the light of a lamp or even in the sunlight. Wait for a minute then check the spoon for any odors and stains to see if you have any internal health issues.

Odor usually means the following:

  • Strong and putrefactive odor means you have problems with your lungs or stomach.
  • Sweet odor may signify diabetes, while ammonia is a sign of kidney problems.

However if you notice stains on your spoon, remember this:

  • White or yellow with a thick coating shows thyroid gland dysfunction.
  • Purple is a sign of bronchitis, poor blood circulation or high cholesterol levels.
  • Orange color also indicates kidney disease.

Pay attention to what the results are and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Also, remember, this method does not replace a doctor’s consultation, it’s merely informative and should be treated accordingly. For any sort of medication, you should have a doctor’s written prescription after a series of medical check-ups as well as laboratory investigations. Don’t skip over this important step.  Do pay as much attention to your health as possible!