How Often Should You Wash Your Hair To Be Healthy?

For sure you asked, at least once in your life, how often it is advisable to wash your hair, in order to be healthy. Experts argue that there is not one answer for this question, but certain aspects need to be taken into account when deciding the periodicity of hair washing.

A first element that should be taken into account is the type of skin. If your skin and hair are neither fat nor dry, then you have to wash your hair only once or twice a week.

The second element you should take into account is the texture of the hair. People with harsh or curly hair are more fortunate because sebum is spreading harder, so in their case, hair washing once a week is enough. People with fine and straight hair have to wash their hair two or three times a week.

The third aspect is related to the use of styling products. If your hair is damaged due to repeated hair stylings, it should be washed less often. Products such as hairspray, foam or hair wax only make up the hair and give it an unsightly look when are used in excess. If you can not stop using styling products, try to wash your hair no more than every two days.

Dermatologists and haistylists warn that too frequent hair washing actually causes more harm than good because it leads to the loss of important oils, which leads to hair damage over time. Despite the fact that the level of sebum differs from person to person and in some cases the hair can become shiny after only one day after washing, no person should take a bath every day.

“Shampoo dries the scalp and the glands will produce more sebum,” says dermatologist Angela Lamb.