Why You Should Never Sleep In Your Underwear

Many researchers agree that we should sleep without underwear to let skin breathe. See other reasons below. Learn why you should sleep without underwear. I know that you heard many time that you should never sleep sleep in your underwear, but do you the reasons?

Avoid humidity
At bedtime it is not recommended to wear underwear, because your skin have to dry and breathe after shower.
Especially if used to wear panties with lace or bikini, intimate area needs a break from rubbing and irritation. In addition, the lack of underwear help the skin to dry, which will save you from potential infections that can spread to the urethra and bladder.

Sleep without underwear
In sleep, the body is restored and your intimate area needs a break from the high temperatures caused by too many clothes, congestion, sweating, etc.
After a relaxing bath or shower, experts recommend to let the body to dry naturally and to sleep without underwear or without clothes  if the room temperature allows you.

Underwear can restrict blood circulation
Synthetic underwear, too tight or with very rigid edges irritate the skin and restrict bloood circulation. Allow blood and oxygen to circulate freely to all tissues.

Absence of underwear can revive your sex life
Regardless of your age and your couple habits, the fact that you walk naked or only in a robe with no underwear, will surely provoke strong reactions.
Your sex life can be reinvigorated by that sees you naked more often and not just only after prelude.

So, from now on, sleep without underwear!