Why You Should Never Put a Lemon Slice in Your Drink

Try to avoid all drinks that contain slices of lemon if you care about your health, you will thank us later! The reasons why you should stay away from your favorite lemonades, mojitos, lemon decorated cocktails or sparkling water with a lemon slice, are quite disturbing and you will agree with us by the end of the article.

Thing is, lemon slices are the perfect carrier for new, exotic and dangerous species of bacteria.

Fortunately, this only applies for drinks and lemon consumption outside your home. Unfortunately, we are not paranoid at all!

It all started with a study conducted by a group of British scientists who decided to take a closer look at all the drinks that contained slices of bigger bits of lemon.

They started truly concerned when they discovered over 25 species of different bacteria that was capable of infect the human body within minutes. The concerning discoveries led them to spreading the news of the dangers laying in lemon slices.

The way lemon slices become so dangerous is rather simple. They get contaminated when coming in touch with human skin, and the process that takes them to its final destination, your glass, implies lots of skin contact.

Even if the bartender that’s preparing your drink is really hot, that should not spare him the suspicion, unless it’s you cutting the lemon and squeezing it in your glass.

Trusting someone to handle your drink, is like trusting him with touching your food with his bare hands.

Even if you are not ordering anything that contains lemon, you should still pay lots of attention to what is happening behind the bar. Make sure the bartender does not touch the edge of your glass with his hands and see if you notice any cloth that he’s using to clean the glass.

Channel your Sherlock Holmes spirit when it comes to hygiene matters and pay attention to places you trust with your food and drinks.

ps: another thing that is worth mentioning is that pure alcohol kills bacteria, but not viruses, so if you think your vodka on the rocks will keep you safe, think again!