Why You Need To Put A Coin In The Freezer Everytime You Go Out

In this article you will find out an amazing trick in order to check your food in the freezer if there is still good to be prepared or not. We all know that once defrosted and then frosted again, the food will be altered. When you defrost the food, you also should cook it. When you go out, you don’t know if there is a electricity blackout and its duration.

This is why, you will don’t know if the food from the fridge is altered or not. Maybe the food stayed too much at room temperature and then at cold temperature and this is not ok.

So, to be sure than you don’t consume altered food if you went out for a few days, I will present you a trick to check if the temperature from your fridge was always constant.

This trick is very simple: you need a coin, a cup and tap water. Before you go out, put a cup with water in the freezer and wait until the water freezes. Place a coin on the frozen water. When you come back, observe the position of the coin. If the coin is still on the top of the frozen water, that means the temperature was constant. If the coin is on the bottom of the cup, means that you should check the food, because the temperature in the fridge wasn’t constant.

If the temperature wasn’t constant, I don’t think is healthy to eat the food from the freezer. I think this trick is very useful and everybody should use it.

Also, it doesn’t cost you nothing to try it. In this way you can be more aware of what you and your family eats.

Why You Need To Put A Coin In The Freezer Everytime You Go Out