What You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Lipstick

Lipsticks represent an all time present accessory in a woman’s bag. Colors, flavors and texture are the most diverse, for all tastes, but have you ever wondered how are they manufactured?

The internet shows us what are the methods of making lipsticks and what kind of ingredients are used to fabric them.

One lipstick can contain dozens of ingredients and mixtures, that are usually kept secret. Typically, the ingrediends are classified into several categories: Waxes, oils and fats, softeners and pigments. The different types of wax used in lipsticks include beewax, paraffin and carnauba wax. Wax stabilizes the lipstick and helps in making it’s shape.

Also, in the manufacture of lipsticks, there are different types of oils, including lanolin oil, castor oil, olive oil and cacao butter. Oils and fats provide suitable liptick texture: soft enough to be applied on the lips but firmly enough that does not melt. Emollients are making your favorite lipstick more moisturizing and could include vitamin E and aloe vera.

Lipsticks are manufactured in batches. After being formulated, the ingredients must be carefully combined so the final lot to have a color consistency, uniformity and optimal texture. In fact, this process brigns much to colored pencils manufacture. Pigment and other dry ingredients are finely grounded, so they will be smooth and distributed in the mix, then combined with heated oils.

However, what makes the difference in the consummer’s mind is the pigment. Lipstick color is made due to a combination of ingredients, mineral or synthetic.

Insanely, the cockroaches are the source of the color, often labeled as carmin or cochineal low extract. Cosena insects are killed by using steam, then dried, and processed to create a bright color that is not toxic or carcinogenic, unlike some other red dye substances used in the past. Lipsticks can contain preservatives, such as alcohol or sunscreens, or even perfume.

What You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Lipstick