Myths about baby care

As a young mother, you often receive tips about baby care, from different persons like family members, other moms etc. Not all of them are worth considering. It’s not at all easy to understand what tips should be followed and who are myths.

It’s too early for the child to do gymnastics
It is known that well-chosen exercises strengthen the muscles, joints and ligaments. Physical exercises also prove important in the case of a child of only 6-8 months: it helps him to improve his motor skills, such as the turns from the belly to the back and vice versa, teaches him to stay in the sitting position and later, to stand up. In addition, for a small child, gymnastics is also a new mean of knowledge.

Disposable diapers are harmful
This is because there is (the unfounded) fear regarding the possible infertility of the boys in the future due to overheating of the testicles. The action of heat on them is dangerous only in adolescence, since the sexual glands are not definitely formed at babies.

Cow milk is better than any milk formula
It is often the case that mothers want to replace a formula of milk or even breast milk with cow’s milk, which is not specially indicated in the first 6-8 months of the baby’s life. Breast milk is a unique food for the baby! Infants often suffer from allergic reactions as soon as they have been switched to artificial feeding or with the introduction of supplemental feed prepared from cow’s milk.

Babies who have been breastfed for a long time will be a lifetime dependent on their mother
Every child is dependent on the mother, from nature, which helps him to survive and to grow. But nature also provided the mechanism of the gradual detachment of the mother, a change for which the child is prepared from 8 to 10 months, when it begins to show more and more interest to the surrounding world. This becoming more interesting than the mother’s breast. It is essential for the mother to sense this moment and begin to communicate with the baby at this new level. Breastfeeding, however long it may take, doesn’t lead to the installation of the dependence of the mother.

Myths about baby care