Meanings of Rings on Different Fingers And What Says About You

Beside the fact that people admire your jewellery, they can also find out a lot about your personality depending on what fingers you wear the rings.

Hands: right or left?

If you’re right handed, your right hand is considered the active hand, or one you use to “offer” , while the left hand is the hand passively, or one that “receive”. If you’re left-handed, is reversed.

Index Finger:

Wearing a ring on the index finger of the active hand denotes a healthy self-esteem, confidence in yourselves, and good leadership qualities. If you wear it on the passive hand, the significance is that instead of being at the command you rather tend to obey to orders from other authoritarian persons. If you have a lack of confidence, simply start wearing a ring on the index finger of the right hand. Best suited stones to strengthen this aspect are topaz, amethyst and lapis lazuli blue.

Middle finger:

The middle finger denotes your values and responsibilities. A ring worn on this finger indicates that you take life very seriously and know how to discern between right and wrong. If the ring is worn on the passively hand, is a sign that the wearer is a serious and responsible person. The most suitable stones to wear in this finger are moonstone and pink quartz. These stones strengthen personal balance in all its aspects.

Ring finger:

If you wear the ring on this finger on the active hand, improves your capacity to learn other people how to be creative. If you wear the rinf on the same finger, but on the passive hand – for many, this is the finger to wear the wedding rings – rings draw inspiration and creativity in problem solving. If you’re not married, you should wear a gold ring on this finger with colored stones, in order to attract passion and love.

Little finger:

Worn on the active hand, denotes excellent negotiation and speech skills. In addition, it can be a signal of sexual availability or curiosity! if you wear the ring on the passive hand, denotes excellent listening skills and a strong intuition. The most suitable stones for improving communication aspects (on passive hand) or intuition (on active hand) are amber, citrine and moonstone.


Wearing a ring on the thumb of the hand shows that you succeed to impose yourself in front of the others. If you wear the ring on the thumb of the passive hands, it is a sign that you tend to let yourself led by others. To become more convincing in imposing your point of view, wear on this finger on the active hand, a thin silver ring. The most suitable stones are garnet, ruby and carnelian. These stones make you less prone to quit easily.

Meanings of Rings on Different Fingers And What Says About You