Massage This Point To Get Rid Of Stress and Anxiety

There is a point situated on the body, and if you massage it, it helps you to relieve stress and anxiety almost immediately. This is an acupressure point and once is stimulated, you will feel better and more relaxed. Find out where is situated this point and now to unblock it using a simple gesture.

Acupuncture is considered to be one of the most effective practices for unlocking and removing stagnant negative energies in the body. In addition, it helps release tension and eliminate pain by simply inserting very fine needles into strategic points in the body. But what if I say you that you can do this procedure at home and this procedure is an instant remedy for anxiety and stress? You can do this with a single gesture, a gentle massage of a particular point on your body! This point is called CV17 in acupuncture and in traditional Chinese medicine. It is located 4 fingers above the breastbone. CV17 is also known in traditional Chinese medicine as the  “ocean of tranquility”  point, because it is responsible for balancing of emotions and stress relieving.

  1. Use your fingers to gently massage the from up to down the chest. On this area, you will feel a hollow, like is normally.
  2. Once you found that hollow, situated near the the his chest, you actually found the CV17 point.
  3. Sit in a position that allows to your spine to stand straight.
  4. Put your hands side by side with your fingers facing up, similar to prayer position.
  5. Once you are in this position, with your back straight and hands in prayer position, use your thumbs to press this point. You can press either using the fingertips, either the  part of the finger that remaining free.
  6. Close your eyes and concentrate yourself on a deep and relaxing breath, which contrasts with shallow and shortness breathing induced by anxiety.
  7. Keep your back straight. This will help you to breathe more deeply.
  8. Keep your head up, but relaxed. While exhaling, it is normal to change the angle of your head.
  9. Continue with this type of exercise for 2-3 minutes. This will allow the mind and the rhythm of the heart  to reach a relaxed state.