How Is Mascara Affecting Your Eyes Without You Suspecting It

Long and thick eye lashes are desired by women all around the globe, but sometimes the methods used to attain these eye lashes are harmful and even health endangering.Mascara is one of the most common items in a woman’s makeup bag, appreciated for the promise of creating an unforgettable look. Nobody can deny the transformation it can provide, but sometimes women have to face different issues that are caused by using the wrong product or a wrong technique.

Read bellow for more information on how mascara can affect your eyes, and how to avoid any long term damages.

  1. Losing your eyelashes. Eyelashes my fall out due to the ingredients contained in mascaras that suffocate their roots and strip them out of moisture. With the time, eyelashes get thinner and start falling out. You should avoid using too much product on a daily basis. Don’t forget to offer your eyelashes a pampering ritual every now and then.
  2. You may be allergic to your mascara if you start noticing redness, an itching sensation or even swollen eyelids. Consider switching to a different product, one that stays away from colored pigments, synthetic wax and even perfume.
  3. Avoid sharing your mascara with anyone else. The wand may carry and transmit infections from a person to another one easily. Even if you are sure the person you are lending your mascara is absolutely healthy, they still may carry some bacteria that can affect you.
  4. Losing eyesight. This is the most tragic thing that can happen, but nevertheless it should not be excluded. Remember to renew your mascara every 3 months as the wand and even the tube are great places for the development of bacteria and infections. Don’t forget to always wash your hands before touching your face and eyes.