Makeup tips for busy and tired moms

After becoming moms, we wish we could take care of our skin daily with makeup that rejuvenates and enhances our natural beauty. In order to make it easier for us to do this, we need some solutions to help us not spend too much time in front of the mirror.

Before any kind of makeup, it is essential to have the skin as clean as possible. In this regard, you should remember to remove your makeup in the evening before bed. Although you often feel tired, for the health of your skin, the cleansing procedure is fundamental, because only this way you will effectively remove the fatty residues, but also the bacteria.

In addition, you will prevent the pores from clogging and then have more serious problems (such as acne). Also, don’t forget to apply before you make-up a moisturizer, suitable for your skin type.

Use foundation – you will look much better

A solution that make-up artists propose for rushed mothers is to use either a 3-in-1 product (which simultaneously performs the role of foundation, powder and concealer) or a BB cream. Its qualities are as follows: it adapts easily to your skin, offers a high degree of coverage and protects you from the sun. All you have to do is apply it on the perfectly clean face, insisting on the areas with more imperfections. You will find that this kind of cream will help you not only save time, but also money.

Get rid of tired eyes
Since mothers often don’t get enough sleep, fatigue will appear on your face. Fortunately, a few make-up tricks can help you get a bright look and have a great start every day. Here’s what you should do:

  • As soon as you wake up, you can put special drops in your eyes for tired eyes
  • Use a concealer – It should be 1 tone more light than your skin tone. If you meet this requirement, the product will help you look more rested and create the appearance of youthful skin.
  • Don’t forget about the eyebrows – The eyes will look brighter and more rested if the eyebrows are well taken care of. For example, it would be ideal for them to be given with a special wax or mascara.
  • You can also get an eyeshadow – Ideally, you should apply a white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes, not the eyelids, for a fresher appearance
  • Don’t neglect your eyelashes – Either you can use a mascara for volume, or you can give up mascara and apply a a trick even when you’re in a hurry: use a tweezer for eyelashes. For best results, it is ideal to bring it as close as possible to the root of the eyelashes and hold it for about 10-30 seconds.

Be bright with the help of the blush
If you want to look more rested and brighter, you can try a blush in warmer shades. Even tanning blushes are welcome.

Don’t forget about lips. Use a lipstick with natural shades. It is very fast to apply it.

Makeup for busy moms