How To Make Sunscreen Lotion At Home

Dermatologists warn that most sunscreen lotions contain toxic ingredients that cause skin cancer or endocrine disrupting. In fact, in 2007, when creams beach began to be used, cases of skin cancer have increased.

On the other side, considering that nowadays more and more people work indoors, lack of exposure to sunlight can be a much bigger problem than the exposure, which leads to vitamin D deficiency, that can cause some of the worst cancers.

If you want to avoid the commercial sunscreen lotions, there are some natural alternatives that offers protection from UV rays and can be used especially for children, people who are taking medications that increase the risk of sunburn or those who have sensitive skin.

Here are the natural products that, once combined, offer us sun protection:

  • Almond Oil
  • Coconut oil
  • zinc oxide
  • raspberry seed oil
  • Carrot seed oil
  • Shea Butter

For an average exposure, works any mixture of these ingredients, such as oil coconut and shea butter with a little carrot seed oil.

Mix all the ingredients, excepting the zinc oxide in a large jar. Put water in a saucepan and leave it over medium heat. Cover the jar with a lid and put it in water. When water is heated, the ingredients will begin to melt.

Mix occasionally, and when all the ingredients are completely melted, add the zinc oxide, mix well and pour the contents into a container. Keep in mind that the mixture will not be liquid, so pump bottles are not recommended.

This sunscreen lotion will last six months if you keep it cool and has to be applied every time you exit from the water or when you feel that you sweat profusely. This recipe has SPF 20 without the zinc oxide, which increases it’s effectiveness even more.

How To Make Sunscreen Lotion At Home