How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Recently it became a desire for many women to have big and sensual lips. Most of the women who want to have bigger lips go to medical estheticians who inject them into the lips hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation.

This is not a natural treatment and can have secondary effects on you, not to mention that this procedure is very expensive and the result may not be the one you wanted.

There are few tricks that will help you obtain the lips of Angelina Jolie or at least bigger and voluptuous lips.


First, exfoliate your lips by removing the dead skin from the surface of the lips. This will also stimulate blood circulation and will make your lips look fuller and to have a natural pink aspect. Apply a lip balm on your lips and let it act for 10 minutes then gently massage your lips with a toothbrush.

Stimulate collagen

Apply at least twice a day a treatment for your lips that contains ingredients that stimulate collagen production. Vitamins A, C and E are essential for your lips as well as hyaluronic acid which is a powerful moisturizing.

Blood stimulation

Use a lip gloss that has as ingredients cinnamon, mint or black pepper. Even if you will feel a little sensation of mild burning, it won’t hurt your lips. These ingredients stimulate blood circulation and swell the lip skin and make them fuller.

Color tricks

Use lipsticks and lip glosses in natural or light colors that will give the sensations that your lips are bigger.

3D effect

If you use lipstick, apply in the center of top and bottom lips a small dot of transparent gloss. The light is reflected and this fact will give your lips a 3D effect.

How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger