How to Make Hair Color Last Longer

Today you will find out what natural methods you can use, in order to make the hair color last longer. Every time you dye your hair, you hope that the color will last a long time because it’s not healthy to dye your hair very often and also doesn’t look very good.

Coconut and argan oil have a major importance, but even chamomile tea or tincuture with walnut leaves shouldn’t be ignored.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a very good effect for women with dark hair. It should be applied only to the length of the hair, not on the root. Applied in excess on the  root, coconut oil weakens the resistance of hair and cause hair loss. Oil maintains much better the black color  and guarantee a high gloss.


If you have blonde hair, it doesn’t exist a natural treatment for shades of silver. For golden-blond hair, hairstylists recommends chamomile tea. Chamomile pigments the hair and leaves on the hair its natural pigment. I recommend rinsing the hair  with chamomile tea after every wash. In this way, blond-golden color intensity will last a long time

Argan oil

Hairstylists recommend 100% natural argan oil for ladies dyed with golden blond. Do not apply 100% natural argan oil on platinum blonde color because it yellows it. Platinum blondes or those with white or shades of gray that will use natural oils must use refined double refined argan oil. By refining, the oil loss the pigment of color from it.

Walnut leaves

For hair with red shades it is recommended the classic walnut leaves tincute, which our grandmothers used on their hair.  Is an amazing natural remedy!