How To Lose 4 Kilograms in 4 Days With Stewardess Diet

Natman regime owes its success thanks to a major promises: you lose 4 kg in four days. This scheme is known as the stewardess diet. Natman regime is a low-calorie diet based on a diet rich in protein. In this article you will find the full 4 days diet to lose 4 kilograms.

Due to chemical reactions caused by food prescribed you will rapidly lose weight. During the four days of diet you’ll have the same breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar and half a grapefruit or other citrus from this fruit category. It is mandatory to consume at least 1.5 liters of water per day and to respect food combinations.

Natman Regine – day 1

Lunch – no fat grilled beef, lettuce and tomatoes at discretion and one apple;

Dinner – Two hard boiled eggs; green beans and 1/2 grepfruit.

Natman Regime – day 2

Lunch-  no fat grilled beef; lettuce; a glass of tomato juice

Dinner – zucchini in any amount; green beans; applesauce without sugar

Natman Regime – day 3

Lunch – grilled beef without fat; lettuce; celery salad, one apple

Dinner – grilled chicken, steamed tomatoes, a big glass of prunes juice

Natan Regime – day 4

Lunch – 2 hard boiled eggs, green beans and a big glass of tomatoes juice

Dinner – no fat grilled beef, green beans and a a glass of pineapple juice without sugar

You can eat as much meat and vegetables you like. It is forbidden to taste or to drink alcohol or to consume foods that contain fat or sugar.

If you follow these diet exactly as it is, you will lose 4 kilograms in 4 days. Good Luck!