Incredible Natural Remedy To Quit Smoking

In this article you will find out an incredible remedy that can be used both for smokers and nonsmokers, due to its incredible effect on the entire organism. The secret of this remedy is hidden in the nut shell.

All you have to do is to prepare a tea with nut shells. It is about the wood shell, not about the green shell. For the daily quantity, you need the shell from a nut and 300 ml of water. Pour the water in a kettle and add the nut shells. Boil de mixture until you have 200 ml of water. It will be easier for you to measure the quantity of water if you have  gradation kettle.

After you obtain 200 ml of tea, leave it to cool, because you have to drink this tea cold. You can prepare the tea at night and drink it in the morning. Before to drink it, if you don’t like the taste, you can add one teaspoon of honey.

The daily consumption, on empty stomach, for 30 days in a row, this remedy will have an amazing effect on the lungs, succeeding to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the lungs during time. Also, this mixture will eliminate the joints blockages, improving blood flow, leading to a good functioning of the heart, knowing that shrinking of joints is a sign of nicotine intoxication.

It is indicated to don’t stop drinking this tea after 30 days, because it helps to regulate blood pressure and to eliminate pectoris angina. If you can’t quit smoking, at least you have an ally that conserve your health.

Another benefit of this tea is that helps you to get rid of cough during a flu. If you use this tea as a remedy for cough, you have to mix it with lemon and drink it hot. The effect is immediately!

Incredible Natural Remedy To Quit Smoking