How To Use Onion To Have The Most Beautiful Eyebrows

We all dream to have the most beautiful and thick eyebrows. To obtain them, we turn to trends, without thinking that maybe is not what it fits for us. This, or we just misinterpret trends and the final result is devastating. Make-up artists tell us since forever that the best eyebrows are the natural ones, so maybe we should just believe them.

Next, in this article, you will find out a guide for how to to have amazing eyebrows, and how to increase their growth with a special ingredient.

Maybe it will sound crazy, but the newest trend in having great eyebrows is treating them with…. Onion. This remedy is excellent if you have problems with the thickeness or growth of your eyebrows. Onions contain a significant amount of sulfur, a chemical element that accelerates hair growth. Due to the sulfur, the hair wires will become thicker and stronger. Also, they will also shine without using special ingredients for their make-up.

How to obtain the most beautiful eyebrows

  1. Let them grow

Let your eyebrows grow, and be patient. Even if they are very thin, in 2 months you will reach for their natural form. Take care of them by using castor oil and brush them every day with ½ of an onion in order to accelerate growth. And refrain yourself when you feel like you can’t stand the unsightly increased wires. Soon you will get rid of them.

  1. Perfect shape according to your face

Go to a specialist what will help you eyebrows regain their natural shape, without unthicken them.

  1. Maintenance and eyebrow make-up

For maintain you eyebrows clean and natural, you only need tweezers, sharp scissors, a brush, a pencil and a fixer. Clip the rebel hair wires growed out of the line. Brush the eyebrows from time to time and cut too long wires. Use eyebrow pencil or shadow in ther shade to define them. Finally, fix them with a special pen or wax fixing.

How To Use Onion To Have The Most Beautiful Eyebrows: you can keep use onion to rub your eyebrows everyday, even if they already have a perfect shape. This miraculous vegetable will keep them strong and shiny.

How To Use Onion To Have The Most Beautiful Eyebrows