How To Test The Cheese To See If It’s Fake or Natural

Nowadays, is very hard to find natural products on the market. We buy so much food and we don’t know what contains, if it’s natural or not. Most of the times, the package lies us, this is why we have to be very careful when we buy alimentary products.

When we buy cheese, we buy it because it’s delicious but also because it’s a healthy aliment. But have you ever thought that the cheese you buy it’s not natural and healthy anymore, because of different ingredients that producers add in it? You can easily recognise a cheese that contains vegetable fats and isn’t healthy at all for you. Here is a simple method to test the cheese:

First of all, it will crumble when you cut it (this doesn’t apply to hard cheeses) and will dry and crack when is not left in the package.

  1. To test whether the cheese is natural or not, leave a piece of cheese at the room temperature. A quality product will become softer, but if you notice that it dries and starts to appear moisture on its surface, throw it urgently.

2. Some cheese manufacturers add starch and vegetable fats to sweeten the cow cheese, and this can be tested with a drop of iodine. If the cheese contains starch, the place where you drop iodine will turn blue. Otherwise, it will not change its color.

3. You have to leave the cheese that you droped iodine for several hours at room temperature. If it contains vegetable fats, a yellowish crust will appear on top of it.