How To Remove Your Hair Using Sugar Paste

Sugar paste waxing is a new procedure used in cosmetics. This method is cheap and, most importantly, 100% natural. In this article you will discover how to prepare and how to use it. You will be amazed by this method. 

Cosmetics waxes contain mineral oils, perfume, silicone or preservatives. This method is 100% natural. You don’t have to go to the salon anymore, because you can prepare the sugar paste at home. For this recipe you only need two ingredients: sugar and lemon juice. In addition to these two ingredients, you also need special waxing strips that are available on the market.


– 240 grams of sugar (about 12 tablespoons)
– juice from two lemons

How to prepare waxing sugar paste:

Put the sugar in a high-wall recipient and add the juice from the two lemons. Then mix and put the mixture to boil, at medium heat. Boiling time should be around 12 minutes.

An important detail that tells you when to pick up the recipient from the fire is the color: brown-gold. Then let it cool completely. It can be left even overnight. However, before using it, heat it in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

An important rule for application: Sugar paste should be applied in the direction of hair growth. Use the sugar paste as you normally you the wax. The results will be the same or much better.