How To Prevent Cancer In a Natural Way

In low developed countries, less than a fifth of people reach the age of 70 years and more than a third of all deaths occur among children younger than 15 years. The leading cause of death are the infectious diseases such as respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

In contrast, in high developed countries, more than two thirds of the population, are older than 70 years, most reported death being caused by chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, COPD, various cancers, diabetes and dementia. In 2008, almost 12,7 milions new cases of cancer were diagnosed worldwide and aprox. 7,6 milions people died from this disease. Therefore, cancer has become a major public health problem. But if a man in three can be saved through good nutrition and physical exercise, surely it’s time to take some actions.

There are many factors that can provoke cancer. Of course, some of these factors and unmodifiable, such as aging or a genetic predisposition. The American Institute for Cancer Research estimates that 34% of all cancers could be prevented by simple changes in our lifestyles.

In this article you will find a few advices for how to prevent cancer, in the most simple way, by changing your lifestyle.

  1. Quit smoking – Quit or limit the consumption of alcohol
  1. Try to choose healthier ways to preserve and prepare food. Avoid drinking hot beverages or foods.
  2. Choose to eat at home, home cooked food, less processed.
  3. It is recommended to limit the consumption of red meat and avoid or eliminate from your meals processed foods.
  4. Eat at least 5 dishes of vegetables and fruit each day.
  5. Consume dietary fiber
  6. Keep your proper body weight.
  7. Limit the consumption of high caloric foods and avoid sugary drinks.
  8. Do sport every day. Be active at least 30 minutes a day.

How To Prevent Cancer In a Natural Way