How To Avoid Dangerous Mosquitoes From Africa

Lately, there are more and more cases of people getting sick because of mosquitoes from Africa. West Nile virus is dangerous and it’s important to know identify it and how to avoid getting sick. 

Here are some tricks on how to avoid these dangerous mosquitoes:

1. Rub your skin before going out to town with fresh mint leaves. Strong smell will drive them out. You can also use mint to relieve itching, on inflamed areas.

2. If you are at the picnic, put on the table or on the blanket some green walnut shells.

3. Aloe vera leaves are effective in fighting against mosquitoes. Aloe vera has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The aloe vera gel can be applied locally on your feet or hands if you want to keep the insects away.

West Nile Symptoms:

The main symptom that show that you have been infected with this virus is: strong fever. Another symptom is migraine and strong headaches.

Other signs are: disorientation, stupor (a symptom that occurs especially in depression and anxiety), muscle weakness, numbness, local paralysis.

The incubation period of the West Nile virus is between 2 and 8 days. About 20-30% of people with West Nile have these symptoms: joint pain, muscle pain, headache fever, inflammation of lymph nodes, chest urticaria.

What is really serious is that 70% to 80% of West Nile infected people have no symptoms!

Diagnosis of infection is done through several special molecular biology tests. Testing is done for patients with severe symptoms because there is no exact treatment for infection with this virus.