What Happens If You Use Mouthwash On Oily Hair

Sebum plays an important role in our organism, but the excess leads to oily and lifeless hair, sometimes even several hours after washing. Therefore, you need the best treatment for oily hair. People with thick and voluminous hair are the most prone to graisy hair. Often, this gives it an untidy appearance and an unpleasant smell. Oily hair can be caused by hormonal problmes, texture, use of birth control pills or steroids, or genetic problemes.

Before using treatments for oily hair, keep in mind that a very important part in the fight against sebum is the shampoo, especially when it is applied on the roots of the hair. When you shampoo your hair, massage your scalp well. If the hair is still greasy after washing, shampoo twice next time and don’t hesitate to wash your hair every day to make sure you get rid of the problem.

The conditioner use is tricky, because it can be a very important element for you oiliness hair. If you still choose to use it, spread it only on the length on the hair, not on the roots. Don’t use it after every shampooing, but only once or twice a weekn. Also, choose a conditioner according to your affection; you need a balm without many oily ingredients in it’s composition.

The newest trend in terms of how to treat oily hair is mouthwash. Yes, you read it well, mouthwash.

Why to use mouthwash on your hair and what benefits does it have on it? Well, mouthwash is not only efficient in cleaning the mouth, but also has beneficial effects on the scalp, because of it’s antifungal properties, very good in preventing dandruff.

How to use: In a cup, mix in equal parts, an infusion of walnut leaves and water for rinsing the mouth. Strain the composition and let it cool. After you normally wash and rinse your hair, use a cotton pad soaked in the infusion of walnut leaves  with mouthwash to pour the mixture on your scalp. By drying, the two solutions will gather astringent skin pores on the head. Soon, you will feel your head chilled and clean.

What Happens If You Use Mouthwash On Oily Hair