What Happens With Your Skin If You Don’t Remove Make-up Before Sleep

The first and most important rule of beauty is to remove make-up before sleep. You have heard it from your mother, from your cosmetician, read it in countless magazines and still break it sometimes. Truth be told, removing make-up before sleep is indeed the one thing that should never be ignored.

Make-up acts as a beauty enhancement as well as a beauty threat, so the next time you think about skipping the cleaning process before going to bed, remember the consequences written bellow and change your mind about it.

  1. Your skin dries up a lot faster during the night, and having make-up on makes this process even more troubling for your skin. Not removing make-up before sleep does not allow skin to breathe free.
  2. Skin rashes and clogged pores are also a consequence of sleeping with the face full of make-up.
  3. Not removing make-up leads to acne.
  4. Infections are another popular consequence of make-up. Your eyes are the easiest targets for infections caused by make-up.
  5. Premature aging. Make-up can lead to the gathering of toxins in pores that will later on affect collagen and skin ADN, making wrinkles appear earlier than expected.
  6. Dry and cracked lips. The skin on your lips is the most sensible skin on your body. Take care of it and do not allow your lips to suffer during the night.

These are some of the most important results of not going to bed with a clean face. But the risks are too high and once the damage is done, there is almost no way back to restoring the health and beauty of your skin.

Don’t be lazy and do find at least a few minutes every evening to remove your make-up.

Remember the night is the time your skin regenerates so you could look young and beautiful!