What Happens If You Put a Clove Between Toes

“I think there is no country in the world that doesn’t know and researched the formidable medicinal qualities of this amazing plant” (Lalitha Thomas). Of course you understand that we talk about the garlic that is used over hundreds of years to treat various health problems. Many studies have been done to get to know better the active principles of garlic and its physiological effects.

Thus, some epidemiological studies published between 1966 and 1999 revealed the positive effect of consumption of garlic in preventing different types of cancers (colorectal and stomach).

Most of the studies have evaluated the effect of garlic on risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose). We know very well that the plant in question is used in traditional medicine, given its antimicrobial properties for the prevention and treatment of flu and cold, acting as an antibiotic.

In this article I will talk about the exciting experiment Lalitha Thomas , a professional naturalist and author of “10 essential plants” made in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of garlic when enters into the blood and begins to act.

Lalitha Thomas says that he often put his students to do the next thing: at the beginning of a 2 hours lesson, everyone cleans one clove of garlic and put it between two toes. In this way, garlic enters into the body through the skin and by the end of the lesson, almost everyone will say that feel the taste of garlic in the mouth. Some students said they felt the taste of garlic after the first five minutes.

So, this experiment is very simple and healthy.