What Happens if You Don’t Wash Your Hair For 6 Months

Many women have problems with oily hair and always try different methods to wash their hair more rarely. A female from USA, journalist at a lifestyle publication, has decided to no longer wash your hair with shampoo for six months.

The effect was unbelievable! She often complained that her hair was thin, became oily very quickly, which is why he was forced to wash it daily. After two months while she didn’t washed her hair, she said that the hair did not seem clean, but did not look as bad as she imagined it.

However, she rinsed her hair with chamomile tea, but this treatment has not changed the level of fat. After a month, she said she was forced to use all sorts of natural tricks in order to have natural hair clean look. She used a mixture with vinegar, baking soda and water. This solution made her hair look shiny again. In the meantime,  scalp adapts to the absence of chemicals.

Another women, Katherine made the same experiment. She continued to wash her hair with baking soda and she used apple cider vinegar instead of hair conditioner.
Katherine says that she won’t use shampoo anymore because hair is more healthy now and doesn’t get oily too quickly to be washed as often. She says that her hair is softer and more “bright”.

She says that there were only two moments in which she had to wash her hair with shampoo, in the course of these six months, at which time she noticed that after washing her hair was as plump and dry after just two days.

Those who want to try this method should dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda into a glass of water, and pour it on the wet hair. After shampooing with baking soda, pour two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, dissolve in a glass of water and pour on your hair and rinse immediately.