What Happens In Your Body If You Eat 3 Bananas Per Day

If you are a fan of bananas and thought 3 bananas per day are too many, you are going to stand corrected. British scientists have revealed the fact that one banana at the end of the meal offers the exact amount of potassium the body needs in order to reduce the risk of blood clogs in the brain. In 2011, a US study discovered the fact that vascular accidents can be prevented by high intakes of potassium (bananas, fish, and spinach).

Scientists say that a daily dose of 1600 mg of potassium reduce the risk of vascular accidents. Has a banana usually contains only 500 mg of potassium, 3 per day are the excellent dose to keep the blood pressure at a normal level and make sure the brain and nervous system functions properly.

Benefits of 3 bananas per day:

  1. No more depression. Bananas contain tryptophan, a protein that the body transforms in serotonin. Serotonin is an element that relaxes the body and improves the well-being.
  2. Keeps blood pressure at normal levels. Potassium contained in bananas helps the heart function better, reduces the risk of high blood pressure and thus the risk of a vascular accident.
  3. Treats constipation. Bananas have laxative properties that will help your colon work better.
  4. Treats hangovers. Keep a few bananas close after a crazy party and enjoy a banana smoothie the following day. Bananas calm the stomach that was irritated by alcohol.
  5. Improves bone structure. Potassium prevents bone degradation.
  6. Fights against stress. Potassium brings the pulse to normal levels and thus you can keep stress under control.
  7. Helps ex-smokers feel better. Potassium, magnesium and vitamins such as B12 and B6 that are found in bananas help the body recuperate after quitting smoking.
  8. Helps ease premenstrual syndrome, with the help of the B6 vitamin.
  9. Reduces anemia.