How To Get Rid Of Diarrhea Without Medicines

Unpleasant as it may be, it is worth sitting down and talking about the ways you can get rid of diarrhea. It will come in handy one day, and it’s so easy you will be done in almost no time! Getting rid of diarrhea is no a no brainer! Trust us on this! There are 5 natural remedies that work out every time and do wonders, all in the comfort of your own home. Remember about mint tea, boiled potatoes, coffee beans, kefir and boiled rice the next time the inconvenience of diarrhea knocks on your door.

Here is a look at how and why the products work effectively to help you get rid of diarrhea.

  1. Mint tea. You need to get rehydrated as soon as diarrhea starts, remember to drink plenty of fluids with no sugar. Have as many cups of unsweetened mint tea until you get better. Infuse it with hot water and have it as it gets a bit cooler.
  2. Boiled potatoes. You will get better with the help of starch contained in boiled potatoes. So prepare for yourself a small portion of massed potatoes with no milk or butter, and feel it alleviate your symptoms. Stay away from salt as well.
  3. Coffee beans. Treat your problem by chewing a spoonful of coffee beans every time after you’ve been to the toilet.
  4. Rich in probiotics, kefir will help restore the natural flora of the intestines. This is good since diarrhea is caused by an excessive increased number of bacteria.
  5. Boiled rice. You may not be thrilled at the prospect of a tasteless dinner of boiled rice, but it is a great food to help you get rid of your problems. Do add some flavor with a few slices of boiled carrots is you feel the need, but don’t add any salt to the meal.