How To Get Rid Of Cellulite On Long Term

With summer knocking on our doors it is only natural to start thinking about that dream bikini body. It is also the time when noticing cellulite is most painful. You have to remember that cellulite is not always caused by extra weight or diets, it can be the result of some unhealthy habits that go unnoticed.

Keep in mind that cellulite is not a health issue, it can be treated with patience following the tricks and tips presented below.

  1. Apple vinegar. Known for its detoxifying qualities, vinegar is a strong ally when it comes to fighting cellulite. There are lots of ways you can use vinegar: you may either choose to massage the affected areas with it on a daily basis or drink a mixture of water and 3 spoons of vinegar. Each of this tips is effective and its results include improving the skin quality and even minimizing stretch marks.
  2. Say NO to salt and sugar. It’s no secret that cellulite is afraid of a healthy diet that’s low on sweets, salt, fried and fat food. Some of them are responsible of extra kilograms and salt is the main reason skin is losing its elasticity. In fact, salt and sugar are the main reasons for the appearance of cellulite. Salt retains water in the tissues while sugar is deposited in the fat cells, causing the appearance of dimples and later on orange peel kind of skin.
  3. Exfoliate with coffee grounds. A coffee scrub is one of the best methods to get rid of cellulite. The mixture of coffee grounds with honey or olive oil is going to do wonders to your skin! It helps get rid of dead cells and leaves the skin clean and smooth. All you have to do is massage the affected areas with this mixture once a week, for a good half an hour, using circular moves.
  4. Drink lots of water. Water is absolutely necessary if you are dreaming of great looking skin! The famous 2 liters per day help get rid of toxins, stimulate blood circulation and with time, help you forget about saggy skin and cellulite.
  5. Green light for green tea! Green tea leaves contain a wonderful ingredient called Theobromine. This ingredient has deep penetration and destruction powers. It is also proven the fact that green tea prevents the apparition of new cellulite as well as diminishing the existent one. For better results you may consider talking to your nutrition specialist and have him recommend some green tea supplements that are sold in pharmacies and specialized shops.
  6. Improved blood circulation. Consider improving your blood circulation if you want to get rid of cellulite. This can be done with the help of Magnezium, an ingredient found in spinach, avocado and fish. Another trick is hydro-therapy, using the cold and hot shower technique that professionals swear by.

Don’t forget about sport! Half an hour per week will improve your overall feeling as well as contribute to a good circulatory system.