How To Get Rid Of 4 Kilograms In A Week

Lemon diet is one of the most efficient slimming diets and also a detox diet, during which you will don’t feel the hunger sensation. This diet is based on 7 principles and if you strictly respect them, you will notice that at the end of the week you will lose 4 kilograms and also you get rid of toxins from your body.

The 7 principles you have to follow in the lemon diet

Principle 1: In the morning, right you are awake, drink a cup of warm water with lemon juice. Don’t drink and don’t eat anything for 30 minutes, for lemon to make its effect. During the day, drink 2 litres of water and try to eat just natural ingredients.

Principle 2: during this week, eat daily 5 fruits and vegetables, the ones with the highest content in Vitamin C ( oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, pepper, vegetable with green leafs etc.) Add in your vegetable salads some lemon juice.

Principle 3: eat aliments with a low glycemic indicator. These will slow the passing of the sugar in blood and you won’t feel the need to eat sweets.

Principle 4: if you feel the need to eat something sweet, eat dry fruits. The sugar from fruits will determinate increasing the insulin in the body and that will lead to stock the fat and this will compromise the result of the diet.

Principle 5: consume good fats, like is extra virgin olive oil and fat fish, and avoid red meat.

Principle 6: prepare healthy recipes, natural fresh juices, integral bread, grains, rice and pasta.

Principles 7: Avoid to eat quickly. When you eat quickly, you slow down your digestion, that stimulates the stocking of fat, so you will put some unwanted kilograms.

Advantages and disadvantages of lemon diet

Like any other diet, lemon diet has weaknesses and strengths. This diet can’t be folloed by the persons who suffers of kidney or digestion affections.

How To Get Rid Of 4 Kilograms In A Week