Foods That Accelerate Hair Growth

Women are particularly attached to their hair, it is their object of pride and beauty. So it comes as no wonder they pay special attention when it comes to taking care of their beautiful hair. But few of them are aware of the fact that besides shampoos, masks and haircuts, nutrition plays an equally important role. There are some foods that will make your hair grow faster, stronger and more glamorous than ever!

Read on and discover what are the miracle foods that included in your menu will accelerate hair growth.

  1. Rich in Omega 3, salmon has all the properties required for stronger hair and faster growth rate. Consuming salmon shortens the resting period of hair follicles and the vitamins B12 as well as iron accelerate hair growth.
  2. Zinc will get your hair to grow faster and get shiny, so indulge in having an oyster meal as much as you can!
  3. You need to include chicken in your daily meals as it’s an important source of animal protein that you need for the production of keratin. Keratin is especially important to your hair as it constitutes about 80% of the hair shaft. Protein deficiency may lead to hair loss, so be extra careful when it comes to chicken.
  4. An egg a day will keep you healthy and your hair shiny and strong. Eggs are rich in elements such as protein and biotin, besides may other amino acids your hair feeds on.
  5. For stronger hair that grows faster, make time for some almonds in your daily menu. They contain useful substances such as biotin, fatty acids and vitamin B.
  6. Pumpkin seeds. To avoid and stop hair loss, include pumpkin seeds in your diet. Rich in all kinds of vitamin B such as B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 and B6, pumpkin seeds is your hair’s best friend.

So, watch your diet if you are looking for longer hair!