How To Fix A Broken Nail

Have you ever broke a nail in the worst moment and you didn’t know how to repair it?  Moreover you didn’t want to cut all your nails because of this one? I broke my nails so many times that I cannot remember. They are very soft and fragile. Every women desire long and beautiful nails but we all know that is very hard to maintain them like that. Fortunately, I found recently a natural method to fix broken nails that changed my life and hopefully it will change yours. Broken nails won’t be a problem for you anymore. From now on you will can keep your nails as long as you desire.

Here are some tricks that will help you fix your broken nails.

Apply a layer of nails glue on the broken nail then cut a piece of a tea bag, the size of a fingernail, and apply it on the broken nail.

Put above the nail a piece of cellophane and press it for the paper tea to stick to the nail. At the end, apply another layer of nails glue and let it dry.

After the nail is dry, file the nail carefully then apply a coat of protective varnish on all your nails and after that one of colored nail polish. After this procedure you will have a perfect manicure that won’t reveal that one of your fingernails is broken.

In this way you will forget about the unpleasant experience of having o broken nail.

How To Fix A Broken Nail