How To Fix Broken Make-up

I think that all of us have broken their make-up in pieces at least once. We then tried to smash the make-up and to use it like this, but we noticed that it’s more difficult to apply the make-up like this, not to mention the mess you make when you use it like this. We were forced many times to trough away our make-up because we couldn’t use it like this anymore and sometimes the broken make-up was the favorite one.

But now, you won’t have this problem anymore because I will teach you girls a method that will help you repair your broken make-up. It is very easy to do it and you don’t need many ingredients.

  • A container in which you can put the broken make-up
  • A stick or something small to smash the make-up
  • Medicinal alcohol with minimum 70% volume
  • A coin or the cap of a lipstick or whatever you find suitable to press the make-up in its form
  • A clean rag (preferably of cotton)

Put the broken make-up in the container then smash it using a stick until you obtain a powder. Add then few drops of alcohol and mix the ingredients until you have a paste. Then leave it a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate. Put then the paste in the make-up’s original container and smooth it with the stick. Pour a little alcohol over the coin or the lipstick cap for disinfection and wrap the object in the clean rag that will help absorb the moisture. Put the object you choose above the paste and press good a few times to give the make-up the desired shape. Leave it to dry.

If you feel that your make-up is not that good anymore and the color transfer is no longer as before, just scratch the first layer of the make-up. Now your make-up will be like new again.

How To Fix Broken Make-up