Exercises To Improve Your Hearing

More and more people face with hearing problems or even loss of it due to internal and external factors. Here are some tips and exercises in order to improve your hearing.

First, go to a specialist for a consultation that can reveal the cause of your hearing problems.

Improve your hearing through various cardiovascular exercises that will improve your blood circulation and hearing implicitly.

Try to filter the sounds, listening to music at low volume, while having a conversation with someone. Gradually add two other sources of music, while focusing on the conversation. This will make your ears filter out the ambient sounds.

Practice the identification of sound sources. Close your eyes and ask a friend to go to a location of its choice, away from you (up to 6 meters) and to emit 2-second sounds with a bell or a horn and then point your finger in the direction you think the sound was being emitted. Ask your friend to change the direction and distance each time he repeats the exercise.

Practice the recognition of different types of sounds. Close your eyes and listen to different sounds from the environment. Try, then, to decipher, one by one, the individual sounds heard in the distance and in the vicinity. The more you exercise, the more you will recognize the sounds.

Change your diet. Eat good foods for ear and hearing health, such as fish (herring, salmon, trout), nuts, seeds, whole grains, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, avoid foods that may have a negative impact on your hearing, such as those containing mercury and arsenic.

If you have hearing problems, take precautions to prevent it from getting worse, avoiding:

• exposure to loud noises;
• listening to music in headphones;
• inserting sharp objects (needles, pencils, knives, etc.) into your ears;
• administration of painkillers;

At the same time, it’s very important to treat the health problems that may affect your hearing such as cold, flu, sinusitis and allergies.