Do Eggs Need To Be Refrigerated Or Not?

One of the most healthiest aliments for breakfast is the egg. Eggs are easily to prepared in various ways and contain many nutrients. A big number of people buy eggs and store them in the fridge….or not. So, there is a entire topic on how we should keep the eggs. They should be refrigerated and we should keep the eggs at room temperature?

It seems that the eggs that are not kept in the fridge are more susceptible to infection with Salmonella. Journal of Food Protection says that insertion in vitro of Salmonella is made easier in the eggs at room temperature than in the cold eggs.

However, it also exists the idea that eggs should not be frozen. Public radio in the United States says that are already taken plenty of safeguards against Salmonella, including the inspection of places where chickens grow, washing of the eggs and following the eggs from the source to the shops. In Europe, most of the chickens are vaccinated against this bacterium.

Marianne Gravely, an expert from the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the UDSA says that eggs should not be kept at room temperature for more than two hours because there is no way to see if the eggs are infected or not.

Nobody can tell if a chicken is infected with Salmonella bacteria that does not change the taste, smell or appearance of food.

In conclusion, we should keep the eggs in the fridge!

Do Eggs Need To Be Refrigerated Or Not?