What Does Your Ear Lobe Reveal About You

In childhood we always analyzed our earlobe, studying it to see if we have ears of romans or dacian. If the era love was stuck on the head, it was said that you descended from the “romans”, if it was detached from head, then sure you were a dacian. Of course, this story enjoyed us as kids, and those two characteristics of ears lobe are meet to all kind of nations, not just at people who living in the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic, so it is only a myth.

However, genetics dividedĀ ear shape in two categories: the ear lobe attached to the head and ear lobe that is not attached to the head, characteristics that we inherit from our parents, grandparents, etc. Genetic determinism indicates that people who belong to the first category have recessive genes, while those from the second category have dominant genes.

Beyond genetics studies, there were some psychologists and sociologists who analyzed these two physical characteristics, to determine is these two corresponds to a model of personality.

So, people who doesn’t have the ear lobe attached to the head, are independent, generous, persons, with a high self-confidence! They demonstrate a strong personality and wisdom.

People with attached earlobes on the head, indicates a pathological behaviour. Specifically, researchers found that people with this kind of ear have a criminal mind, have antisocial tendencies and are more likely to commit crimes, compared with the other category of people.

Discovery was made in a study conducted in several prisons in the United States. Earlobes attached to the head tell you that you are a free spirit, you know how to impose yourself and how to earn the respect of others.