Is Drinking Water After Eating Good for You?

Is normal to drink water when you are thirsty. It is a natural need that should be satisfied when appears. But you have to know some details about water consumption.

You should never drink water before, during or right after meals. It will slow your digestive system and the water will mix with gastric juice. If you took medicines, you have to take them with 1 hours before meal.

If you drink water right after the meal, the quality of foods will be affected and everything will be digested slower. This habit leads to getting fat.

How should you drink water?

You should drink water 30 minutes after to finished to eat. In an hour or two you can drink how much water you want, without affecting the digestive system.

if you can’t control your thirst and want to drink water during the meal, drink small quantities, at room temperature.

Don’t drink during the meal sparkling drinks of caffeine because can cause you acid reflux.

Is Drinking Water After Eating Good for You?