Diseases You Can Get From Swimming Pool

Summer means holidays, vacations and good vibes. It’s the season when swimming pools are full, the small ones being big amateurs. In order to stay healthy, both of you and your child, you need to be very careful, because microorganisms found in water from pools or basins can cause serious infectious or other health problems.

Skin diseases:

• Granuloma – a rather rare medical problem that is produced by certain bacteria in some swimming pools. Granuloma affects knee area. The first signs of the granuloma from the pool are the appearance of purple spots, which can develop towards ulceration.

• Pitiriasis is another cutaneous condition that can be taken from the water of the swimming pools and is manifested by the appearance of small brown spots on the body.

• Another unpleasant thing is the worsening of acne caused by the presence of chlorine, witch is used to disinfect the water in the pool.

• Skin pruritus usually makes its presence felt among people sensitive to chlorine.

Eye disorders:

Conjunctivitis is a disease that occurs frequently in pool lovers. The condition is manifested by the redness of the eyes, secretion occurs in both eyes and it’s obligatory to go to a specialist ophthalmologist.

Ear infections:

Ear infections caused by germs in water often occur. Otitis may occur after the bath in the sea water or after the bath in the pool. For example, external otitis may occur due to water that once entered the auditory can lead to an inflammation. There is also a mycotic otitis which is caused by certain fungus found in the water. In all forms of otitis, is recommended to follow a treatment given by a doctor.

Digestive infections:

Contamination with E. coli results in an infection that has diarrhea and abdominal pain. Medication is needed for recovery.

Bacillary dysentery is another condition that can occur after ingestion of contaminated water with bacteria. Symptoms of the disease include: fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Giardiosis – is another disease you can contact after bathing in a pool if you swallow infected water with this parasite (Giardia). The main symptoms are: diarrhea, severe abdominal pain.

Genital infections:

One of the most common problems women face is the appearance of a genital infection, usually vaginal candidiasis.

This is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. The disease can occur after the vaginal flora changes due to chlorine, sweat and bathing suit material. It should be noted that the condition usually occurs in women who have poor immunity.