The Most Dangerous Object Found In Your Bathroom

Specialists warn us that one of the objects found in our bathroom can be quite dangerous for our health. It may seem harmless at first, but we may get sick even if we do not change it frequently. Here is the most dangerous object found in your bathroom and what risks you expose yourself  if you use it a longer time without change it!

When you read the most dangerous object in your bathroom, I’m you thought to the brush you use for cleaning the toilet, but it’s not about it. We know that this information will affect one of the most relaxing rituals of the day, but it is advisable to pull an alarm signal in the future.

Dermatologists warns about the sponge bath. Whether it is manufactured from synthetic materials or from some natural ones, this object is a threat to your body.Do not rush to give up forever to  the sponge bath. No one disputes its benefits related to clean, exfoliate and soften the skin, and also improving the blood circulation. But consider appropriate to change it frequentl.

Specialist Matthew J. Knight, who works at the Institute of Dermatology Knight says that after you remove dead cells from the skin, they remain on the sponge layers. Steam bath promotes bacterial growth in the sponge, providing an environment to develop more bacteria. In this way, you can get an infection in a few hours.

i do not advice throw the sponge bath, brush or exfoliating glove after every use, but to make sure that such items are very well cleaned and that are kept in an environment where they can dry. Change sponge bath every few weeks.