How To Correctly Apply Foundation

Beauty advisers and also dermatologists recommend us to use every day foundation. It is good for our skin not only because our skin looks more beautiful and flawless, but because the foundation protects our skin from sun burn, pollution and lots of air impurities. The foundation has an important role in makeup. It is absolutely necessary in every kind of makeup because it gives the skin a natural looking without loading it. It covers also the skin imperfections.

The problem with the foundation is that if we do not apply it correctly on our skin, its effect could be the opposite and instead of beautiful and flawless, we will look bad and all our makeup will be compromised.

Here are some essential steps for you to follow when applying foundation:

  1. Clean your face

Before applying foundation, your skin must be perfectly cleaned. Remove all your makeup and the impurities by using a toner and then apply a moisturizer. Leave the moisturizer to act for few minutes and then apply the foundation.

  1. Stretch well

The role of the foundation is to protect your skin by creating a thin layer almost invisible on the skin. In order to get this effect, you should lay it very well for it not to form unsightly accumulations which can be noticed on the wrinkled areas. Light is very important because it helps you to make a correct makeup. Try to use as much as you can natural light. For a more natural look, use also a special sponge or a brush moistened before. You can also apply the foundation by using your fingers. Start to apply the foundation from T area (nose, chin, and forehead) and then continue towards the cheeks, neck and décolleté. Stretch the foundation from bottom to top with ample moves.

  1. Finish the makeup with powder

In order to fix your makeup apply a layer of loose powder. The powder has the role to remove the excess brightness of the face and gives also an extra strength to the foundation. Use a brush for the powder by applying it from the center of the face outwards by tapping movements.

In order to see if you are doing right, look at your powder brush and as long as the foundation is not printed on the brush and it has not have a loaded look, you are doing just fine with your makeup.

How To Correctly Apply Foundation