Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Doing At Home

A beautiful hair is primarily a clean, neat and healthy hair. But do you know how to properly take care for your hair? How to wash it or how to style it properly? Many women don’t about about some mistakes they probably doing and damage the hair and they are not aware of them.

Wrong: Before drying it, many ladies rub their hair with their towel. It’s a serious mistake! Because this action irreparably affects the surface of the hair, making it brittle and fragile.

Correct: The correct approach is: lightly wipe the hair with the towel to remove excess water from top to bottom.

Wrong: Do not tighten your hair when it’s wet. And above all, not with an elastic. Why? At this stage the hair is extremely sensitive and it can break very easily. First, dry it, apply a light lotion and then tighten it.

Correct: Use the right products for your hair type. For example, a thin hair needs light products that are sprayed and offer it volume. On the other hand, a rebellious, thick, hard-to-dull hair needs a creamy product that provides hydration and control. How and when do you use them? You must have a wet hair! In this way you can easily apply the product on the whole surface of the hair.

Correct: Always apply a dry hair thermal protection product before using the hair straightener. We are not talking about a matter of choice, this is an obligation if you don;t want to destroy your hair! Otherwise, the hair will be subjected to a very high heat shock and will lose its hydration. The result will be an extremely dry hair that will break easily.

Wrong: You use too much styling products. Why this is a mistake? Because they will overload your hair and make it oily.