Chef’s Secret Method To Defrost Meat in 5 Minutes

A steak with family, a barbecue with friends….all these are moments when you will definitely want to cook some meat. But the problem, and the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis article, obviously, is different. How to defrost the meat without the various bacteria on the food becoming active and toxic, and not leaving the meat in the sun for too long.

One secret that some people use to defrost the meat is certainly one that only some master chefs use to cook a frozen meat in 5 minutes.

And here’s how this hidden and secret technique makes many chefs to be better. You need frozen meat, which you certainly have in the freezer and two metal pans. Place the first pan with the bottom up and then put the meat in a bag over it. The second pan, after filling it with warm water, will put it over the flesh.

And as all professional cooks recommend, once defrosted, the meat needs to be cooked and consumed without freezing it again.