What Causes White Hair at Early Age?

The moment you discover these white enemies in the mirror they are probably among the biggest shocks in any woman’s life, like the terrifying moment where you realize that your face is marred by a troublesome wrinkle. But you can discover white hair at an early age. Find out the causes.

Genetics is to blame! – Not all people have white hairs at a certain age! That human equality is a myth demonstrated by the speed which white hairs we appear: around the age of 30 years at Caucasians, about 40 years at Asians and, later, for 50 years at the African- US population. Genetics is to blame for the appearance of early white hairs. If you have such an inclination is found in your genetic code!

You have deficincies of vitamins or minerals – White veil that covers your colored and shiny hair is caused by the aging of hair follicles, but also by their inability to produce melanin in sufficient quantities. The latter factor can be determined by a nutrient deficiency in the body: vitamin B12 and iron are among the most problematic, and their deficiency can lead to early white hairs.

Smoking – Dermatologists believe that smoking is a habit that will alter your whole appearance, not just teeth and skin, also the hair follicles. With wrinkles, white hair, dull skin and even forms of acne, bad breath etc., deserve to smoke?

You are too stresses – Chronic stress will push toward various conditions, and your physique is equally distorted. The first white hairs will proliferate the tension that pushes your body to the limit of resistance. These results were identified during a survey conducted by specialists from New York University.