Why Can Be Dangerous To Drink Tea?

Especially in winter, a cup of tea can be the best way to get warm. Tea benefits are also related to the positive effects it has on our health. Some studies have shown that if you drink tea too often, is a less at risk of developing depression, ovarian cancer, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. But why can be dangerous to drink tea?

Certain types of tea contain or absorb toxic compounds from soil, from the environment, from where it is stored or during the drying and packing. Here are the reasons why can be dangerous to drink tea.

Heavy metals – A study concluded in 2013 showed that nearly all teas in stores contain lead. Ingested in large quantities, lead can favor heart disease, kidney disease and even infertility. The study revealed that the teas that are made in 3 minutes are the most dangerous, and those  prepared in 15 minutes contain aluminum.

Fluorine – Even the most expensive teas contain 3 times more fluoride than the limit. It seems that the cause is the technique by which these teas are processed because in this expensive process, but unhealthy, it released a considerable amount of fluoride in plants. Excessive intake of fluoride can affect our teeth, bones and joints.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids – These toxins are produced by some flowering plants and can have serious consequences on the liver. This discovery is of great importance especially for pregnant women and mothers because their dedicated teas contain large amounts of toxins.

 Carcinogenic sachet s- If you get used to consume tea in stored in tea bags, you should know that these bags are imbued with a carcinogen (epichlorohydrin) substance, which is activated in contact with hot water. Recently, tea bags began to be made of plastics such as PVC or nylon. Unfortunately, these tea bags can release a large amount of chemicals when the water temperature is very high.