The Best Diet Depending On Your Astrological Sign

An ancient saying says the stars hold the answers to a lot of questions, so do look up to them when you are preparing for a new diet. We have researched hundreds of diets and came up with a few guidelines for each sign that will help them conquer those extra kilograms for a slimmer figure.

Aries. Diets that are low on calories but rich in proteins fit you best. You need products that are high in potassium such as tomatoes, beans, olives, onions, bananas, spinach and rice. Do include them in your meals for the best results.

Taurus. You are addicted to meat, but consider switching it with beef if you are looking to lose some weight. Don’t forget to drink lots of water that will keep your hunger under control. Have fruits always ready for a snack. Indulge on apples, grapes, oranges, bananas and lemons.

Gemini. Get rid of unwanted kilograms by including grilled meat and vegetables in your diet. Your body needs lots of vitamin B1 and F.

Cancer.  A diet full of dairy products is great for you! Stay away from spices, sweets or alcohol!

Leo. You need iron, so focus on spinach and exotic fruits. Vitamins A, D and H2 are great to boost your energy.

Virgo. You are a great fan of chocolate, so that is the first and most important thing you have to stay away from!

Libra. Focus on rich breakfasts and vegetables all through the day. Your body requires lots of vitamin F, so be sure to have apples, cherries, strawberries, beans, spinach and others in your daily meals.

Scorpio.  The answer to your prayers is a detoxifying diet. Don’t eat anything after 18.00 and do prepare a few days of detox every other week.

Sagittarius. Lots of water can do wonders for your body. Don’t forget to feed your body with vitamins F, K, B6, H, I and J.

Capricorn. Stay away from spices and prepare yourself meals consisting of dairy products, lean meat and lots of vegetables.

Aquarius. Your friends are fruits and vegetables. Don’t be afraid to say no to coffee and sweets if you want to lose weight.

Pisces. Say no to all kinds of fat and hello to lean meat, eggs, cereals, spinach, apples, beans and all kinds of fruits. Your enemies are sweets, dairy products and all types of carbs.

Good luck and have an easy and delicious diet!