Amazing Uses of Baking Paper

Beside it helps you in cooking by baking lots of foods without sticking, baking paper can be very useful in many other things around the house. These amazing uses can make your life easier.

1. Cover the shelves in the kitchen. Put baking paper on shelves, where there is gathering dust  and grease from cooking. In several months, replace them.

2. Clean the floor. Use baking paper instead of a mop and clean the floor as normal. You’ll remove all the dirt and polish the floor.

3. Clean the iron – if the iron is dirty, you should put some salt on baking paper. Preheat the iron and then gently rub until the iron using the baking paper until the dirt is removed.

4. Prevents doors creak. To get rid of the annoying noise from the doors, rub the hinged and corners of the door using baking paper.

5. Unlock a stuck zipper. If it happen to have a stuck zipper, rub it with baking paper.

6. Cover the shelves of the fridge – it will protect them when something flows. In this way, there is no need to wash the fridge, only to replace paper

Amazing Uses of Baking Paper